Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Drinking

What would the holidays be like without a slight bit of alcoholic sustenance......actually, they'd probably be rather enjoyable. There would be no drunken Uncles slobbering over you and no hangovers to deal with. Plus, road accidents would be kept to a minimum..... however, I'm now tarnishing my post so I must stop.
Let me refresh. There can be some joys to having a drink now and again and in-keeping with the Christmas spirit(s), here are some lovely ideas for you to try at home....or at the office, depends how shocking your boss is.

1) Candy Cane Cranberry Cocktail (what a gorgeous mouthful) From here

2) Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. From here
Vanilla Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

3) Spicy GingerMan. From Here

4) Eggnog. From Here

Friday, 16 December 2011

My Sisters Keeper

I have a beautiful younger sister. She is all of 10 years and a total madam and you could say that she is my spitting image. Her personality and mine are identical which can lead to some quite heated tantrums, on both sides.  However, she is the sweetest, most adorable girl in the world. Let me just share a quick story with you of the wonders of my little sister:

When she was about 8 and we were all living in the UK we attended a church where a family of dwarves also went. My sister is the epitome of innocence and was delighted to find a family that were the same size as her. She would take the mother's hand and drag her around church with her and she would pat each one of them on the head and introduce them to everyone as her 'best friends'. They were very good natured about it and were not offended which most people might have been. She really is a total gem.

Over here, she goes to Vista Nova, a specialised school for awesome kids who might struggle going mainstream. It has been such a life-saver for her because she gets the care and attention that she needs and I can't believe how much she overcomes. It makes me think of the moments when I'm negative, which I state as being 'realistic', and let situations get me down and there is my sister who rocks the socks off everyone on a regular basis. What really is my excuse hey? I should start taking lessons from her and see the world in a brighter light. Roll on a better New Year then.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good Giving

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We could all do with a little gift-giving 101 sometimes, especially the guys. Having been on the receiving end of some travesties and triumphs, I compiled a mini 'Guide to Giving'.

1) An obvious one but I'm amazed at how silly some people can be. Be careful what gifts you recycle. Make sure you can trace who gave you the unwanted gift before you re-wrap it and dish it out again. An example of this would be a wedding present that we received which was actually given to another family member previously. There was a small amount of annoyance from both parties.
2) Don't give something that you can't find any love in. Give something that you also like because you'll find yourself giving it with a more heartfelt sincerity.
3) Don't give as a means to tactfully up yourself in the receivers eyes. A gift is a gift, meant to be given with affection and not part of a strategic game.
4) Make it personal. I used to hate it when people got me gift-sets because it really doesn't show much thought. I'm very open about my likes and dislikes so receiving a Oh So Heavenly set when I'm allergic to most beauty products, doesn't bode too well. I do love it though when I get something personal.
5) Gifts don't have to be big and bolshy to mean something. I remember getting an exquisite small gold butterfly brooch off a friend and it honestly was and still is, one of the nicest gifts I have received.
6) Gift wrap. My favourite part of giving is making the present look presentable. Even the best gifts can be ruined by shoddy wrapping. I would willingly offer my gift-wrapping services because I love it so much or, you can check out Creative Stream for inspiration.
7) Go Eco. This applies to both the gift and the wrapping. Being sustainable is far easier now and I simply adore how Lush sends their gifts in recycled boxes with popcorn as the protector which means it is also biodegradable and possibly edible! Bonus! As far as gifts go, why not sponsor the building of a well or buy a cow?
8) If you are low on cash, don't panic! Give your time. Offer to cook them dinner or take them out at a later stage. Be creative. You could even take your partner for a romantic picnic somewhere.

And now one for the receivers....

9) Even if, after all your hints and reminders, you still got a shockingly bad present from a trusted loved one, be thankful...unless of course, you got a  Joni Mitchell CD when you know for a fact that your man has bought a gold heart necklace for someone....and that someone was not you

Pic from here

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cape Town Gift Ideas

I promised myself and Mr H that I would have all the Christmas gifts done and dusted by mid November. As you might imagine, I have failed. Not for lack of trying mind you, but just because I have been super duper busy...and also because I have really tricky family members to buy for. For most of them, I have decided to bake some yummy goodies because, so I am told, I'm quite good at that. But for the in-laws, Mr H and I went wine-crazy and filled a crate up with some of our favourite tipples and then took it up to Johannesburg. We scored highly on that bad boy. (Rupert and Rothschild will take you places!)
However, that still leaves our many sinlings and my parents. My mum who never wants anything and my dad who always wants something that isn't available in this country. Ya. Did I mention that I also have a Secret Santa to sort out and a stocking to fill for the husband?
I can't be the only one stressing surely, there must be many more of you out there, begging for hints to be dropped your way? Perhaps I can share with you some of these Cape Town based gift ideas which might help my Western Cape comrades.
P.s. for those overseas, I humbly apologize for not including you in this but I'd be quite happy to do list for you if you so desired....
Gift List

Bow Peep accessories
She has such a huge range of items. You must check out her website.

Daniela's Macaroons
Pinned Image
POA - and they look so yummy.

Effie Creations -Wooden Jewelled Christmas Trees
Small R99. Large R150. (That white one is already mine)

Yuppie Chef - Le-Creuset Strawberry Collection Mini Heart Ramekins
R295 for a set of 3. 
There are so many other kitchen items to choose from on the website

R110-130 and she makes them so pretty.

Coco Li - Accessories/gifts
They have a lovely range of items that I'm crazy about

Etsy - Yes ok, I know it's not Cape Town BUT, they can get sent here....
CLOUD PURPLE - tie dyed cotton scarf. Hand dyed. Oversized, lightweight wrap, shawl. Fashion, women accessories. Holiday gift.
Stunning hand dyed scarf by Dear June

Monday, 12 December 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

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No doubt you've heard sleigh bells ringing and children screaming for presents that cost a prosthetic arm and a leg. However, I have not yet felt the Christmas cheer but that may be because I've have been back-achingly busy over these past few weeks or it may be because I am so used to a cold and Wintery Christmas that right now, it feels too much like a normal Summer month.
My mum has her tree up and it looks rather bizarre, not that I don't like it because I love me a good Christmas tree, it's just looking rather wrong in the brilliant sunshine.
You see, I need the bitter cold, the ice, the potential for snow. I want to wake up and be able to see my breathe and then to have mulled wine at ever given point in the day. I would like to make mince pies and chocolate log cake and then, in the evenings, light the fire and watch some festive-inspired movie. But, 'I Want' never gets you anywhere so instead, I'm looking forward to waking up to daylight. Putting beers in the deep freeze for the chill factor. Drinking glasses of cool bubbly and snacking on biltong and nuts. If it gets too much for me, I may just put on the air-con and sit under it wearing a scarf and hat.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lessons learnt at the Kruger

It is the second time round that I've been blessed to get to go to the Kruger. But traveling in 42degrees had me thinking that we might have made a mistake. I'm pale, paper ain't got nothing on me. I stuck my arm outside the window and it started sizzling like a sausage in hot grease. It was so hot that the animals were being sensible and staying well hidden in the shade.
Armed with bottles of water, Strawberry Fizzers and our trusty camera, we drove around trying to spot the big five. We searched high and low, we were getting desperate. But in among the anxious cries of 'oh look, I think I see a rhino', which turned out to be gnarled wood, and our anxiety over trying to spot a lion, we almost missed the little things. Such as, my favorite animal, the humble warthog. Watching these awesome creatures, it taught me a valuable lesson.
The warthog, though small and with poor eyesight, will stare down a potential threat and will retreat with their tales held firmly in the air. Such a good motto for life. There are some battles that you don't need to fight and there are some situations in which you just have to pull up your Pride Pants and turn the other cheek. This doesn't make you any less of a person, in fact, it makes you more of a superhero as you were the brave one to see when enough is enough. So I think we should all embrace our inner Warthog every once in a while and say 'Suck it World. I may be backing down but I'm not bowing out.'

Monday, 5 December 2011

What my mother taught me

Mother's are amazing. My mum in particular because she has had me as a daughter and I'm not gonna lie, I am not easy to deal with. *understatement of the year* Being as strong willed as I am, my mum has had to constantly battle with me to push me in the right direction as my stubbornness usually leads me down the wrong paths. She's stood strong and kept me sane. Now that I am married and have 'flown the nest', I can look back at all her wise wisdom and be ever so grateful for her and what she has taught me:

Stress is not the answer. My mum can sometimes be so relaxed that she appears to be traveling horizontally. I tend to get hyped up about everything. (I should have been a lawyer) What I must remember is that stressing doesn't get me anywhere it simply makes me ill.
Eat for your health. I've battled with an eating problem for years but my mum constantly reminds me that it isn't about extreme dieting but about eating to be healthy and to be the best possible you. Treats are good but in excess they cause me to break out in spots and give me a greasy complexion. All things in moderation....unless it's cookies. There is only one word for those...MORE!
I don't need alcohol to be fun. My mum hardly drinks. For my bridal shower, we first went nougat and bubbly tasting at Jc Le Roux. One taster glass and she was smiling and laughing all over the place. I love the fact that she has never been a big drinker, it's a nice environment to grow up in and you learn not to depend on drink.
Use your talents. She is pretty much my number one fan but she has never deluded me. She praised and encouraged me to follow what I am good at, not like some of those crazy Toddlers and Tiaras' mums who just want prize money at the end of the day. After school, I did A-levels (you need those in the UK to get into University) and she chose the course I should do because she knew what my strengths were and I, at that time, really had no inclination of what I wanted to do. She nudged me into Communication studies and I've never looked back.
When you fail, get back up again. She is not one to let me wallow in a pit of self-pity and loathing. She dusts me off, gives me a hug and sends me back out to conquer the world, this time, with stronger armour.
Family is always first. We're a close bunch. Impenetrable. We have dealt with some pretty rough stuff but we come on top every time. In those dark hours, what we know we can rely on is each other. Friends come and go but blood remains.
Don't settle for less. My mum has being praying since my birth that I would find the right guy and not be swept away by any losers. Okay, so there have been a few frogs along the way, maybe even a toad but never a serious relationship. Mr H is indeed the shining Prince and my mum can breathe easy knowing that there is someone out there who can tell me to shut up when I being a sulky madam. If I didn't know better, I would swear she created him in her secret laboratory.

Anyone got any Motherly wisdom?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Girl Rules

Women. A species that has, for centuries, perplexed men world wide and indeed women themselves. We're pretty amazing, the way we can multi-task, stay strong in the face of great adversity and handle periods and childbirth without falling on the floor and crying (not like some footballers). Over my few short years, I have seen quite a few myths/facts about women and I thought it would be interesting to look at a few.

1) Friends don't date friends exes. Now I totally understand this if the guy was a douche and cheated or abused your friend, no one should want to touch that. However, it's different if your friend dumbed the guy just because she was bored or if it was an amicable split then, the rules should change. If your friend doesn't want him, why shouldnt someone else?
2) Girls go to the bathroom together I can only put this down to the fact that we like company. You'll notice that a place can be totally empty but get to the girls bathroom and it's like there has been a sale in YDE. When standing in a toilet queue, one can get bored, we need a distraction. Plus, after a few drinks, it can help to get a second perspective on how far away the toilet actually is. You might just need that extra hand to keep you steady.
3) Chocolate makes us happy. This is just like stating that the world is round, it is a fact. Chocolate lets off endorphins and those make you feel good. Beer makes guys happy although, chocolate is far better for you, something about antioxidants....that's what I like to tell myself when in scoffing milky bars in my face.
4) We believe in fairy tales. Why on earth would anyone want to go through life not expecting or desiring a happy ending? How depressing. Men have a habit of being rational and realistic to a fault whilst us girls like to be creative. Why shouldn't our Prince come, why can't we go to Paris fashion week, why can't we suddenly become superheroes???
5) We need clothes and shoes. Fashion is an outward expression of an inner personality. It's a way of saying hi to the world just like a Car is an expression for a guy although, a lot of us like cars too. As for having more than one pair of shoes, well that's just healthy, who wants to have one smelly pair of shoes? And I know for a fact, if we didn't have all the clothes we have, guys would complain that we aren't making an effort.
6) Makeup is essential. I swear you could ask most ladies and they would tell you that they can't possibly go out of the house without makeup because they would look like an extra from A zombie flick. In all truth, we just look like a slightly less fresh and flawless version of our made up selves but honestly, we won't believe you if you tell us that. The only make up I ever wear is mascara and it has to be waterproof because when I laugh too much I end up crying hysterically and then I look like a panda, just less cute and cuddly. I would probably wear more makeup but I'm too lazy and I don't, um, actually know how to really apply foundation. Gulp.

I would love to hear about some more female facts that you have discovered. I'll try and cover them in my next blog post too.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


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The problem with Twilight is...everything. I fail to comprehend how someone can write such utter tripe and have the world go crazy for it. Perhaps that is jealousy speaking because I wrote nonsense like that when I was 12 and I obviously should have got it published.

Yesterday I watched Breaking Dawn and spent the majority of it wanting to throw my popcorn at the screen. I am truly dumbfounded that someone could invent a character like Bella. If you haven't watched it yet then don't read anymore because I am prepared to rant.

Bella has a permanent look which is a mix between wanting to vomit and cry hysterically.
Edward's top lip is constantly curled as if he has just smelt something nasty.
Jacob is an arrogant penis who doesn't understand that Bella is now married and he should really learn how to walk without that weird limp as though he has been anally probed.

However, I think my main concern is with the twisted 3 way relationship that is just so messed up. A one point in the movie, Bella tells Jake (in front of her husband) that she is now complete because he is here. Really? Edward, you need to take that giant tampon out and grow a pair. That isn't the worse part, Bella wants to choose the baby name based on a combination of Ed and Jake's names. What the hell? Who writes this stuff?
Is that what we are wanting young girls all over the world to aspire to, to have a husband and a bit on the side. What's more, Bella is the most miserable person ever thought of yet she has two guys fighting over her.....where did I go wrong? Obviously the trick is to appear suicidal and depressed and guys will be falling at your feet.

What are everyone's thoughts, because I know there are fans out there.

Monday, 28 November 2011

You won't feel a thing

Sometimes, a song is all you need to explain how you're feeling. I think we all need an anthem at some point in our lives and this one would be mine.

I've been kicked right down
I've been spat in the face
I've been pulled, weighed downTo the lowest place.
I've been lied to, shamed
I have been disgraced
Been ex-communicated from every holy place
I've been beat up and robbed, I've been left for dead, for the way I look For the things I said

When trouble thinks it's found us, 
The world falls down around us 
I promise baby you won't ever, you won't ever feel a thing

Cause I will take it on the chin for you
So lay your cuts and bruises over my skin
I promise you won't feel a thing
Cause everything the world could throw, I'll stand in front. 
I'll take the blow for you.
For you.

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Windy City

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I know some of the funniest people. Period. Even after the stress of leaving my job, they still know how to give me the giggles even though many of our topics of conversation leave much to be desired.
For instance, I know a wonderful old lady who honestly should have been a comedian. She'll take any awkward moment and inject fun into it. The majority of our amusing conversations are along these lines:

Sitting down together, she leans over towards me and whispers,
Old Dear: "Have you ever had Pomegranate juice?
Me: Yes, why?
OD: Well, I had a glass today and I dare not cough let alone breathe for fear of something escaping me.

She looked so sincere that I couldn't stop laughing. On another occasion,

Me: I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. Hey, are you feeling alright, you're looking a little pale.
OD: "I'm sorry love, I've got to go. What I thought was just wind, has escalated into something bigger."

As vulgar as this may sound, she keeps me sane. When you get to a certain age, there are no inhibitions and no pretences. Just straight honest facts. It's a great metaphor for life. Wouldn't it be so much simpler if people were honest about their feelings and their needs? So for this week, I'm going to start being more open and honest with myself and with those around me. Sometimes it is good to be strong and tough, other times, it is good to be vulnerable.

Vintage Wedding dresses

I'm in love with Stephanie James couture. Based in Newport CA, the clothing line is a beautiful vintage mix and the items are so refreshingly fun and unique. I've always had a thing for 40's/50's style clothing because of the elegance and feminine qualities. What are your thoughts?

I love the lace top.


This is the Gwen dress, isn't it stunning!

This is Greta - I just love the swing factor

Images found here:

Your potential

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I'm in a bit of a fix, I don't feel as though I'm kicking enough ass and because of my pride, I want to prove that I can succeed at anything you throw at me. Yet, having woken up to glorious sunshine this morning and a small lie-in, I feel a strong surge of positivity spreading through me like a friendly disease....such as tonsillitis, which allows you to eat masses of ice cream and not feel bad....that may just be me. Anyway, I have compiled a few commandments for facing this day and future days and how you and I can survive in positions which really do take the cake.

1) Never aim to reach the potential set for you by others. Always exceed their expectations because only you know what you are capable of.
2) If you love something that much then do it however, if you love singing but are completely tone deaf and sound like someone is gnawing on your windpipe when you blast those notes then please, keep those sounds to yourself. Or go on Idols next year
3) I say this now from experiencing it first hand, don't let frightened little men make you believe that you are not equal to them in brain power. Joan of Arc didn't make history by leaving it up to the men and Marie Curie didn't sit on the sidelines and let her husband do all the work.
4) If you you don't believe in yourself then no one else, apart from maybe your parents, will. Show them that even though they may drag you down, they will never extinguish your internal spark.
5) Set mini goals for yourself each day. I am currently trying to write my first novel and want to write 500-1000 words a day. Try and work towards something awesome.
6) Laugh at your own mistakes first and then move on quickly. Don't let it fester in your mind that you, perfect and wonderful you, had a small hiccup.
7) Occasionally scream.
8) Award yourself when you do something that blows your own mind and that could be a little thing such as, you finally know how to monitor the CTR on Google Adwords or perhaps you did something huge such as signing on a huge client. Whatever it is, applaud and award.
9) And finally, because my own words fail me sometimes....Don't stop believing!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Walking on Sunshine

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And believe me, I am smiling madly at the moment. I've realised, that since I left my ex-job, the weather has been pretty damn amazing. I'm not one for signs but, when I can get my flip flops out and stick Hawaiian-esq flowers in my hair, I am one happy bunny. The weather obviously agrees with me.
What is weird though, is that one of my best friends still works at the place I left and it is so weird  not speaking to her everyday. I took round a bottle of bubbly last night to her and we toasted our new future. There are always casualties in every battle but our friendship won't be one of them.
So right now, I am enjoying the break. My health has been awesome, I might try going back to eating like a normal person, and I'm not feeling belittled or trodden on.
I just want to say another big thank you to all of you. You keep me sane.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Flying free

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Yesterday I handed in my resignation from a job that yes, as you might have read, has been causing me a few health issues and humorous grievances. My thoughts are a mixture of relief mingled with regret over some of the great relationships that have started up there. I have had the pleasure of being with some amazing people as well as the test of being with some who are not. It's a daunting prospect being out on your ass again but I have so much support for the decision that it is hard to think otherwise. If your heart is not truly in something then it is detrimental to your very being to continue putting yourself in a position that causes you grief.

So what now? Well, I find something that I truly love, with people I truly respect and who understand me and I work on myself. There is a lot I could alter and I'm willing to go on this journey.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

To write, or not to write

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I am forever reminded to watch what I say and to keep a lid on my feelings. Sometimes, I should heed these warnings as it has come to my attention that free speech does not exist however, if I was to do that, I would be going against the very being that I am, I'd be forfeiting the imaginative nature that I've blessed with. True, sometimes I can be a little graphic and I often type before I speak which sometimes I feel bad about however, I can also be honest and tell the truth in a humorous light, something that some find a little too tough to swallow.

I won't stop writing. I won't stop airing my emotions/feelings/thoughts on my blog because that is who I am. A lot of what I say is fictional and so it is up to others to take it how they will but I have those who are positive in their comments and those are who I'm focusing on anyway.

So, viva the writer within me and viva all my readers who have continued to be supportive and awesome. I take my hat off to you and raise a glass of bubbly in your honor.

Friday, 11 November 2011

It's the weekend!


Thank goodness it's that time again. What are every bodies plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to achieve all/some of the following...

1) Get my fingers dirty in the garden and check on my veggies. 
2) Keep up my new fitness regime which is killing my thighs. You know that feeling when you come off a particularly hard session on the cross trainer and when you walk, you feel as though you're legs are wobbling all over the place. It makes walking down stairs hilariously painful.
3) I want to paint my nails. I'm envious of all the pretty colours out there and my nails seriously need a coat of industrial paint.
4) Finish watching the Office UK season 6. I know I'm behind but I've been savouring it. I love the series so much. Jim Halpert is *insert swoon-worthy adjective*.
5) Take some seriously artistic photos.
6) Bathe in sunlight and try on my honeymoon bikini (must see if it still fits).
7) Convert Mr H into a Mumford & Sons lover.
8) Work on my Christmas list.

Anything else I should add?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Things I've learnt from Pinterest

I'm beginning to think that Pinterest has started to become more than an addiction, perhaps even a religion. I get such amazing inspiration from it, I send Mr H endless reams of images of pets I'd like, humorous emails (which he never laughs at), holiday destinations and decor ideas. I think it's killing off my brain cells which must mean that I need to use it more so I can keep learning that;

Colin Firth is still so very delicious. A brilliant actor and a sexy man to boot.
Pinned Image

Even though I can't eat apples or lactose, I still like to drool over recipes and this simple
yet yummy looking treat is no exception. I find the best recipes on Pinterest.
Pinned Image

Chocolate really does cure almost anything. I can only eat dark 85% + chocolate
because I can't have milk but I'm still happy with that.
Pinned Image

D.I.Y just keeps getting easier.
I suggested this idea to Mr H. He simply shrugged and said "that's nice'. 
I know when I've been defeated.
Pinned Image

Moustaches have never been more in. I've seen so many parties with moustache props and greeting cards too. Currently, Mr H is trying out for the Movember Olympics and he is doing rather well.
Pinned Image

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Movember issues

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My husband looks good, there is no denying that however, it's all very well to grow some facial hair but:

1) Spooning now becomes a form of torture. Imagine having a bunch of needles jabbing you in the shoulder. Ya, that's what it feels like when I get a cuddle.
2) Kissing has become a very delicate affair. I end up trying to push my lips our as far as possible so that Mr H's whiskers don't tickle my nose. I look like a duck.
3) Hang on...are those ginger hairs?
4) I'm going through tubes of lip gloss at an alarming rate as it all disappears into the forest on Mr H's face.
5) I now look as though I have meningitis and applying layers of face cream just gives the illusion of grease and sweat.

Movember really isn't working for me guys.

Monday, 7 November 2011

What they don't tell you about men

I've been sharing a closely confined space with my husband for just other 8 months now. It has been a serious learning curve for both of us. We're very independent and I'm incredibly stroppy so you can imagine some of the arguments. I'd like to just state though that most of those arguments really aren't my fault but are rather a bi-product of the nuances of living with a man. They really don't warn you about this stuff:

1) Men don't understand cleanliness unless it is related directly to their bodies. For instance, Mr H is a shower freak but give him a mop and he starts gulping like a fish and breaking out in a cold sweat. Ask him to sweep and holy cow we've got paralysis. However, and I'm quick to add this, he does the garbage, cleans the bathroom like a pro and the balcony is so neat and tidy I could eat off the tiles.
2) I occasionally leave my half drunk cups of green tea around. Mr H occasionally doesn't put a new toilet roll by the loo. Which is worse, may I ask, a tea bag or the awkward, pants around ankles, hobble to the cupboard?
3) The second shelf of our fridge is purely for beers. I once tried to place some chocolate there. Once.
4) Mr H likes to fall asleep in front of the TV. I like to fall asleep in bed, like a normal person. This leads to Mr H staggering into bed way after I have fallen into a blissful slumber which is then rudely disturbed by the removal of my duvet and the sudden appearance of an extra head on MY pillow.
5) Meat. Need I say more....perhaps I should, people may get the wrong idea. Ok, our freezer is a shrine to about 5 different dead animals. Meat plays a huge role in most guy's lives.
6) Where once I had complete reign to watch all the trashy TV I liked (Gossip Girl included), I now sit through Golf tournaments and programs on how things are made. Do I really need to know how they make tin cans?
7) Braai time. An almost religious encounter for men. I'm quite happy to indulge in this as long as there is a salad somewhere.
8) They don't half complain about 'space'. So what if I have more shelves than you and the cupboard houses more of my clothes. I have more items than you therefore I should get more space than you. It's just common sense. I swear, if I gave Mr H more room he would literally have nothing to fill it with and he'd just be getting a kick from staring at white empty shelving. That totally goes against my ecological nature.

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Harbour House

When something is for free, you don't question it. You embrace it with open arms and an empty stomach which is what Anuschka (from the The Pitch Pit) and I did last night.
We were invited to the launch of the new restaurant on the Waterfront, The Harbour House. You may have heard the name, they also have a restaurant in Kalk Bay and both are stunning in decor.

I just love the wood beams and the white palette. It was simple yet elegant and I'm determined to hold my birthday there next year.

As this was a cocktail party, there was of course a cocktail to start with. A delightful concoction of sugar, cherry, JC Le Roux Brut and a tot of brandy. A spicy mix.

Then there was of course the canapes. I get all giggly and girly when I see them. There is something so cute about mini foods. The choice was immense. King prawns in an avocado and sweet chili dip. Lamb kofta on a bed of cucumber dip. Fresh Oysters (no expense spared). Sushi. Steak, pepper and mushroom kebabs....I could go on.

Let me not forget to mention the wine choice. I may be a bit of a wine snob. I like to throw wine pairing evenings and I do try and write for The Grape Teaser wine blog (I've been slack of late), so I get quite excited when I'm drinking the good stuff. The wine last night was superb! Diemersfontein Pinotage and a very delicious John X Merriman bordeaux blend by Rustenberg had me grinning madly.

Hmmm...on the road to being sloshed.

 The restaurant has an upstairs bar and balcony complete with mini sushi kitchen which just churned out platefuls of the stuff .
The vibe was chilled with everyone enjoying the views, the beverages and the great food. 

  At around 9, they brought out calamari bowls with Queen prawns (to die for) and then eventually the pudding....and you know my obsession with puddings.

I believe at this point I may have been a tiny bit tiddly and so I had about 12 of the truffles. The waiters were very nice about it and kept topping up my champagne glass with Graham Beck Brut.

Truffle balls on a bed of butterscotch sauce

It was indeed, one of the best Cocktail parties I have ever been to in terms of food and ambiance. It wasn't trying to be pretentious but just displaying it's culinary wares to an adoring crowd. This restaurant is a must for discerning taste buds.

All the pictures were taken and edited by the wonderful Anuschka. Isn't she amazing.