Wednesday, 30 March 2011

There's no place like Home

I have been living in Cape Town since September last year and it was the biggest move EVER. It took ages to pack everything up and then there was the waiting periods and the days spent at home affairs making everything legal not forgetting the tearful goodbyes to everyone. Although at the time I was anxious to get out of Britain and hop over to S.A, right now I miss the “Green Grass of Home”.

I have pangs anytime I see a British magazine in Exclusive Books or when I catch a glimpse of BBC News. Whilst I love the Cape – it is pretty damn awesome here – I would love a visit back to the U.K.

Obviously, if I was to go back I would like to eliminate the crappy weather, the Chavs that think they’re so “hard”, the really annoying Northern accents and the incessant amount of seagulls.

Really, I only want to go back for the following things:

Lush - natural and earth-friendly products that smell like heaven and make me feel "1 Million Dollars"

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Twas very yummy and very filling and made me want to bake more.

My addiction to chocolate runs deep to my very core. Who can deny the richness of it and the creamy after taste. I love white, milk & dark but it has to be good quality, none of this rubbish 15% cocoa solids nonsense.
I'm talking 70 to 85%!  

Two’s company

Wine_large My favourite thing to do with wines, my way of making them drinkable, is to do pairings. I’m not boasting BUT, I’m pretty damn good at pairing chocolates with wine and I’m constantly on the lookout for wine estates that do them.

Presently, I have been to:

Van Ryns (Which I KNOW is Brandy but it had good chocolate!) 

Monday, 28 March 2011


I have this thing about wine. I don’t like it but I drink it.

I spend a lot of free time researching what the best wine is and what food and wine pairings work well but I never actually like the stuff. Maybe I feel as though wine is the last step into adulthood and if I can conquer that then I’ve made it into the realm of ordering at restaurants in French, watching Carte Blanch and doing the “fiendishly hard” Sudoku.

The Monday morning buzz

So it's a Monday morning and I just so happened to spend the weekend wine tasting on Saturday (Which I will blog about later) and at a BIG lunch on Sunday.

This means that creatively I have been blocked by mass amounts of wine and heaps of really good curry. Not good, especially when my job requires me to THINK THINK THINK!

 How do I solve this problem, by dosing myself with extra strong coffee?! 

Friday, 25 March 2011

Seamstress you are needed!

I have an empty wardrobe and it's very depressing to not be able to find any decent clothes shops in Cape Town so my plea is to anyone who makes dresses to take pity on me and bestow me with these beautiful garments...

195 reais- Nude e Preto70% viscose30% poliésterColar 54 reais

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"However British you may be, I am more British still"

Even though I may be married to a Captonian, I still hold tightly to my British roots because who wouldn't want to be part of such a diverse, crazy, trend-starting, vintage-loving, tea-drinking, scone-eating, Shakespeare-reading country?
Therefore I count myself as very blessed to be a part of the following...

Mr Darcy

Our acute love of Tea

and...Cream Tea

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Once upon a time...

Boy meets Girl and falls head over feet for Girl

Girl is from England

Boy is from South Africa

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Facing a loved one's mortality at any age has the ability to completely change your entire being in a matter of seconds. You are stripped of all your previous conceptions and ideals and become a fragmented shell in which you desperately clasp to humanity.

Where once I was a little girl pretending to be a Princess, I became a ghost pretending to be a human.....

His beauty was such that Holy Heaven stood amazed.
Jaded were Summers fuchsia buds and icy Winters whites
Yet Summer was in rapture and in scarlet blazed.
We crafted smiles and laughed in bright lights.
Our hands were entwined as milk and sand.
We carved love into trees and songs into streams.
He was a prince of many a far away land
And I, a princess of simple cherished dreams
Of stars and seas and a distant shore
Of gleaming saffron beneath a gracious Sun,
Whose rays sunk into impressible skin, and whose awe
Cautioned the Moon and forced the Night undone.
Alas, a veil of silver cloaked his path, the lucid crime.
Boy and girl became separated in love and time.

By, S.S

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