Monday, 28 March 2011

The Monday morning buzz

So it's a Monday morning and I just so happened to spend the weekend wine tasting on Saturday (Which I will blog about later) and at a BIG lunch on Sunday.

This means that creatively I have been blocked by mass amounts of wine and heaps of really good curry. Not good, especially when my job requires me to THINK THINK THINK!

 How do I solve this problem, by dosing myself with extra strong coffee?! 

And I don’t mean the Java Gold stuff or the medium/strong robust type, I mean the “Hard as nails, kick you in the ass” type. The coffee that charges at you with a bayonet and pierces you in the heart causing you to splutter all over your desk but still feel good about it. The coffee that puts hairs on your chest and a funny glint in your eye and that gives you a come down so bad that you literally turn into a snarling/jibbering wreck.

Yeah, that is good coffee!

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  1. Ha ha! This is so accurate. I've been 4months sober of coffee now,after being an addict for years and now everytime Idecide to spoil myself with a cup I go through these 5 stages.