Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Facing a loved one's mortality at any age has the ability to completely change your entire being in a matter of seconds. You are stripped of all your previous conceptions and ideals and become a fragmented shell in which you desperately clasp to humanity.

Where once I was a little girl pretending to be a Princess, I became a ghost pretending to be a human.....

His beauty was such that Holy Heaven stood amazed.
Jaded were Summers fuchsia buds and icy Winters whites
Yet Summer was in rapture and in scarlet blazed.
We crafted smiles and laughed in bright lights.
Our hands were entwined as milk and sand.
We carved love into trees and songs into streams.
He was a prince of many a far away land
And I, a princess of simple cherished dreams
Of stars and seas and a distant shore
Of gleaming saffron beneath a gracious Sun,
Whose rays sunk into impressible skin, and whose awe
Cautioned the Moon and forced the Night undone.
Alas, a veil of silver cloaked his path, the lucid crime.
Boy and girl became separated in love and time.

By, S.S

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