Wednesday, 30 March 2011

There's no place like Home

I have been living in Cape Town since September last year and it was the biggest move EVER. It took ages to pack everything up and then there was the waiting periods and the days spent at home affairs making everything legal not forgetting the tearful goodbyes to everyone. Although at the time I was anxious to get out of Britain and hop over to S.A, right now I miss the “Green Grass of Home”.

I have pangs anytime I see a British magazine in Exclusive Books or when I catch a glimpse of BBC News. Whilst I love the Cape – it is pretty damn awesome here – I would love a visit back to the U.K.

Obviously, if I was to go back I would like to eliminate the crappy weather, the Chavs that think they’re so “hard”, the really annoying Northern accents and the incessant amount of seagulls.

Really, I only want to go back for the following things:

Lush - natural and earth-friendly products that smell like heaven and make me feel "1 Million Dollars"

Galaxy Chocolate - creamy, delicious goodness that is just perfect for eating whilst reading the latest Jodie Picoult.

H&M - I miss great clothing shops that are fashionable and affordable. 

Good Newspapers - crammed full of INTERESTING news that is beneficial to humankind

National Trust - Beautiful history, stunning locations and a chance to re-live the good ol' days of Britain's unique and amazing past. Plus, you can look round the locations of all the Jane Austen movies....oooh Mr Darcy!

and of course, my family!

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