Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Two’s company

Wine_large My favourite thing to do with wines, my way of making them drinkable, is to do pairings. I’m not boasting BUT, I’m pretty damn good at pairing chocolates with wine and I’m constantly on the lookout for wine estates that do them.

Presently, I have been to:

Van Ryns (Which I KNOW is Brandy but it had good chocolate!) 

  • Bilton were yucky apart from their white chocolate with Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Waterford was a beautiful setting but the wine measurements were measly, one sip and you are done.
  • Asara wasn’t really wine and chocolate as you had to get the chocolate (4 for R25) and take them with you to the cellar to taste (3 for R20 or 5 for R30) but they were delicious choccies and FANTASTIC fudge!
  • Van Ryn’s has amazing chocolate and though I can’t handle Brandy (gives me second degree burns) I loved the welcome drink of peach juice with a tot of Brandy and their pester résistance was their iced chocolate, coffee and Brandy milkshake. Total Yum!

If anyone else knows of any others that I can go to then leave me a message and I shall get their ASAP to feed my growing habit.

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