Monday, 28 March 2011


I have this thing about wine. I don’t like it but I drink it.

I spend a lot of free time researching what the best wine is and what food and wine pairings work well but I never actually like the stuff. Maybe I feel as though wine is the last step into adulthood and if I can conquer that then I’ve made it into the realm of ordering at restaurants in French, watching Carte Blanch and doing the “fiendishly hard” Sudoku.

So I am trying to become a connoisseur and I think I’m getting quite good at SullBhitting, so good in fact that I’m out wine tasting almost every weekend, wowing my friends and family with my knowledge of tannins and fruity currents.

However, not all of what I say is rubbish; I am well learned in my sweet wines because I simply ADORE them. No, not, naturally sweet wines like Four Cousins (yuck) but the overpowering sickly sweet ones that taste like butterscotch and apricot. On Saturday I got to indulge in my sweet fetish and it was GOOD!

Taking my husband and two friends, I went to Bergkelder (on the Cellar Door Passport-which is awesome btw) and I got to try their Muscadels (perfect for winter) and their Noble Late Harvest 2004.
It’s like sticking your face in the Sun and giving it a lick. It was a beautiful mix of peach cobbler, apricot crumble and cinnamon toast. Everything I would like on an autumn day.

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