Thursday, 14 April 2011

Conversations at work

It’s been a long day. So my colleague and I are finding ways on how to get out of work. I think we’ve taken “something” because our conversation is SO not normal.

Me: What should I tell him (Our boss) about me leaving?
Colleague: That your pregnant
Me: That’s why i feel so crappy
Colleague: You’re not allowed to be a mom and work in this office. sorry.
Me: I’ll deny it. I’ll tell them I’m just getting fat
Colleague: fat?
Me: And then when i suddenly lose the weight I’ll say i got a stomach pump
Colleague: And you need 3 months paid leave.
Me: Yes, because something went wrong and I got a leak
Colleague: I think they might buy it…
Me: If not, then I’ll leak in the morning coffee
Colleague: Sies


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