Monday, 11 April 2011

Surviving Monday

It's Monday and it is technically still the morning which means that my mind is still absent and my body is still crying pitifully for my bed. (Did you see the last post and those awesome beds?) I basically want schleeeeep. Sad hey.
In order to revive myself on such a day I have to follow these 5 steps which I'm going to recommend to you because your obviously special - meant in both ways! :)

1) Drink Green tea before doing anything. Why? Because the bitterness will give you a kick in the butt and will get rid of that fuzzy tongue feeling which always cripples me in the morning.
2) Use the Body Shop's Mango or Orange shower gel combined with tea-tree shampoo. The vivacious smells of the shower gel will wake up your skin and I just love the tingly scalp feeling.....ooohh...ahhhh....oh behave!
3) Eat a healthy-size breakfast such as porridge (with golden syrup) or muesli with Woolworth's vanilla yogurt or Rye bread and raspberry jam and peanut butter. Gosh, I'm drooling at the thought.
4) Honk your horn at at least one person whilst driving to work. The sound will give you an adrenalin boost and you'll feel ready to take on your boss and your work colleagues. Just don't get too violent!
5) HAVE COFFEE. Get your caffeine freak on as soon as you get to work. If necessary, steal your bosses coffee and heap in the sugar. Watch as the world starts to present itself in a new and glorious light.

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