Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wedding shoe blues

Whilst we are around the subject of weddings, I thought I would bring up one of the decisions that I found the hardest to make.

It took me forever to find the right shoes for my wedding, almost longer than it took to find the right dress.

I didn’t want the usual ones with the heinous square or pointy front and the elastic heel strap and I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk in sky scrapers either. I thought about going in Converse as I love them as does my husband but getting married in Cape Town meant that it would be far too hot for that.

Eventually - after seeing a shoot by Christine Meintjes - I decided that I wanted colourful shoes that reflected my wedding day colour scheme. 

So I chose these beauties which weren't too high and were such a gorgeous shade of pink. 

But for those of you still deciding,  I did some browsing and found some equally lush shoes to make your day UNIQUE.

Like Carrie's

Jimmy Choo
Irregular Choice

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