Wednesday, 13 April 2011


What is this you say? An obsession with Alice in Wonderland? Isn’t that a little bit childish?


I’ve always been fascinated with old fairytales and stories that have managed to withstand time and have triumphed over all the modern rubbish (i.e. Harry Potter). Alice in Wonderland is such a story as it has been remade, re-done, re-used and re-thought but always remains a firm favourite for a lot of people. 

Recently, I have seen it being used as a major party theme and also as a theme for weddings which I think is so lovely and unique.

Back in University, we threw an Alice in Wonderland themed party for a friend's 21 and it was AMAZING! We  made our own costumes, decorated our house, made a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and then, wearing our costumes, we all went to watch the late showing of Tim Burton's version in 3D.

I did the birthday girls hair as she was to be the Red Queen

Here was our Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

I think that for my next birthday that I may plan something similar so I've started to collect ideas. So for your enjoyment - and I hope you can use some of them - here are some of the loveliest Alice inspired ideas...

alice in wonderland tea party photos

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  1. Love these ideas. I'm inspired to have a tea party now. Yipee! :-)