Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Fugly Royal guests

So Kate looked amazing and Will was smiling all the way to the bank with a pretty nifty looking sword by his side. Yet there were still some guests who managed to look like utter idiots. Seriously, aren't these people loaded? Can they not afford to hire someone who can tell them honestly "Your Highness, you look a mess!"

The Good

Carol Middleton - A very demure Mother-of-the-Bride

Joss Stone - For once looking decent. It's a neat little outfit and looks perfect on her figure.
Joss Stone arriving at the wedding

Sweden's Princess Victoria - I hate peach but I like the cut of this dress and I think she looks very fresh.
Bright: Sweden's Corwn Princess Victoria, arriving with husband Prince Daniel, wore a pale orange wrap dress with matching platform shoes and a wide-brimmed hat

Rowan Atkinson and his wife/lady friend - Yes, Mr Bean was there and his companion looked lovely
Waving away: Ben Fogle looked smart in a navy suit and blue tie, while his wife Marina was blooming in a green dress and Rowan Atkinson went for the traditional top hat and tails

The Bad

This is tricky - I love David's outfit and VB's hat is a welcome change but did she have to wear that nightdress?

Chelsy Davvy - Was she even wearing make up? It's such an old looking ill-fitting top. I hoped for better.
Early bird: Chelsy Davy departs for the wedding wearing a blue Alberta Ferreti skirt and jacket with grey lace hat, one of two outfits she has planned for today

Princess Anne - I get it, you tried but that pattern is so freakin' LOUD

Zara Phillips - The hat is obviously bi-polar and that grey is far too sci-fi for an April wedding
Getting ahead: There were more impressive hats on display from Zara Phillips and Lady Frederick Windsor

The Fugly

Beatrice and Eugenie - I don't know where to start. Basically,  it looks like a spider crab crawled up on B's head and died (in agony) and E seems to be channeling a Pantomime Dame. (But keep smiling Beatrice and maybe we won't notice that you got punched in both eyes)

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - Looking like an 80's reject with an iron stuck to her forehead. I love blue but I want to vomit when I look at her. Who even wears long gloves anymore?
Brights: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson went for an all-blue outfit, while Joss Stone opted for a tight red dress and shoes

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