Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fairytale Wedding

Some people can be really mean and tell you that on your wedding day you don't deserve to treated like a Princess. They are idiots. You deserve to be as fantastical as you wish!
It's your wedding, make the most of it and live your dream.
Here are some lovely ways you can incorporate that fairy tale elegance and magic to your special day.

1) Remember Cinderella stepping out in her ballgown and having all eyes on her. Grab some of that attention and demand to be looked at with crystals, gems and a whole lotta' sparkle.
2) Candle light is magical. Use it to your advantage and create a fairy glow at your reception and during your ceremony.
3) Hanging wisteria, willow or ivy makes any place more intimate and special. You can create your own heaven with soft sweeping swathes of material of foliage.
4) Choose jewelry that takes you back to your childhood. Make sure you incorporate personal touches to make your day more memorable.
5) What that Elfish feeling, or fancy frolicking around as a woodland imp, then take note of this delicate tiara.
6) Getting your dancing feet on and bring sparkle to the dance floor with these glittery heels. Courtesy of Christian Louboutin
7) Be romantic and sport loose curls and gentle waves. Add in a floral, crystal or diamond hair piece and feel like Royalty.
8) Ribbons, cupcakes and tea sets all inspire a Victorian style wedding, very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and we all know how magically inclined that was.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hat Party!

How awesome are these hats! That is some amazing creative work.
These are my design inspiration for the day. I love them!

See more mind-blowing designs at

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Birthday addicitons

The day of celebrating the fact that I'm still alive is fast approaching and I keep getting asked what I would like to receive as a gift. It's not a good idea asking me because 1) I don't know 2) any idea that I do have is too out of this world to actually come true 3) Most of what I want I just go and buy it myself rather than sit around and wait for it to be my birthday so someone can surprise me with it.

But I have wracked my brain and have decided upon the following:

After being so sorely disappointed by my first taste of a Macaroon I have been instructed to try out Daniela's Macaroons at the Cape Quarter which promise to inspire visions of fluffy white clouds and angels.

daniela 41 225x300 Danielas   deliciously decadent in The Cape Quarter.

I have yet to find them in SA but as soon as I do, I will be bagging myself a pair. Patent Dr Martens. Dude they look so Kick-Ass. I wanna stomp around work with them on.

Second shoe fetish. Superhero inspired Converse.
Superman print converse chuck taylors

After seeing these beautiful pendants, I decided that I simply must have one for myself. You have to check out the collection at
I love tulip skirts but just wish I had smaller hips and thighs to carry it off. Miss Molly fashions have some gorgeous ones
I still want a rat. Have been pining for one for a while. They are so smart that you can teach them to play fetch with you. I want a boy who shall be named Petey.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Girly time at Myatt

I love girly days out and I try and have a fantastically overtly feminine meet up once a month. Our previous choices had been Cape Grace and the Devon Valley detour which were both amazing! This time, four of us girlies chose Myatt at the Waterfront and I had high hopes for it.

The place itself is very pretty with some nice uses of metal and glass, interspersed with flowers and delicate crockery choices. A mix of industrial and vintage.
They had these Gothic looking chandeliers which might have been tacky anywhere else but somehow worked here.

But then it went a little downhill. We were seated by a rather impertinent waitress, you know the type of girl who thinks that you should be serving her. Ya. She handed us three menus one with alluring images of chocolates, the other macaroons and the other a hard bound main menu. It all looked immensely appetising until I found out that one, yes one, teeny tiny chocolate would cost R22. What! I think they may be experimenting with drugs in the kitchens.

I decided to stick with having a scone served with my signature hot water and lemon in this beautiful tea set. I felt very prim and proper.

And then we moved on to the main event. My first ever taste of a Macaroon!


The biggest let down since David Boreanaz stopped showing daily on my TV. It was small and tasted like damp biscuit. I didn't even need to take a picture of it as the menu offered the actual sizes quite perfectly.

 Needless to say, when you pay more, you don't often get more. We left feeling a little disgruntled and decided that we still needed to fill up our cake-hungry tums. So we headed to the one place where we knew we would received a justly slice of cake without a pious waitresses  to look down at us.....we went to Mug and Bean, where all are welcome and all our filled.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Dress envy 2

I remember a time when I used to profess to being a Tomboy. I hated the idea of a girly girl and I would wear jeans and tshirts to anything. Now, as I have matured, I am at a comfortably level of girliness. My Hubby thinks i'm overtly feminine but that's because I love bows and frills and like to cry at sad bits on movies.
But I really do love being female, who wouldn't when we get to wear stuff like this....

naeem khan resort 2012 - wedding dress inspiration
naeem khan 2012 collection - glittery long sleeve gown

Kate Ermilio
Forever New (find them NOW in Canal Walk)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Dreaded School Concert

Yesterday I was subjected to the torment of a School concert. My brother was playing the trumpet so naturally I went to support him but equally naturally, I wanted to kill myself through every performance that didn’t have him in it.
It was two hours long, sat on cold hard chairs listening to piece after piece of triviality and wishing that I could use the program to administer a paper cut straight to my jugular.

Wanna know why it was quite so bad…..because of the dreaded Recorder.

It is an instrument so devoid of musicality that it threatens the very existence of my ears. It is so pathetic that even if you blasted it with the turbo force of a Boeing 747’s engine, you would never be able to make a sound any louder than a squeak. This is an instrument that was made purely to produce endless amounts of spit, torture and a loss of faith in music
Honest to God, it is probably the worst sound in the world, besides improper uses of grammar and the Manchester accent.

But that is beside the point, the real reason behind this post is about the pressures of kids to perform like monkeys for a bored and exasperated audience. Parents seem to think that because they couldn’t amount to anything in their lives that they should push their children into taking up hobbies and activities that might, but probably won’t, result in a glittering and fulfilling career. Parents like to live through their children.

I was very blessed to have parents who allowed me to take up and drop whatever I wanted, although maybe they should have bullied me into keeping with something because I’m such a drop out. However, my brother is an amazing trumpet player and he is only 12 (he is going to be on the radio, 101.3fm at 1:40pm on Saturday). He likes playing and we don’t really force him to do it but my goodness, when you know your kid has got talents then YOU KNOW, and when your kid doesn’t have talent, EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS.

So parents, let’s not destroy the minds of others by subjecting them to little Robbie’s French horn or little Cindy’s playing of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd movement of Vivaldi on the violin. Let’s stand united and say “NO” to inadequacy and “YES” to less school performances with high suicide rates.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Home truths

In love....

Sometimes we are less like this:
"Oooh I love you, let me eat your face and rub my bristles against your sensitive skin so that you come out in a rash"
and more like this:
"The best part of you was left running down your mother's leg when you were born".

It can be really damn difficult. Hubby and I live in a small flat, not much space and we are both used to being very very independent.

I've been at uni for 3 years so I'm used to looking after number one, me. He is used to living a bachelor life with his friends. Yet even with his independence, he is very much a typical man in that he wants to be the protector and I, like every modern woman, is so used to doing it on my own or through female intuition, that I forget to ask him for help or even worse....I ask my guy friends over him.

It's not that I don't value him, not that way at all but it's just that I don't feel that asking a friend for help is cheating, I still see that as "doing it my way" whereas, if I ask the Hubby for help, I'm sort of giving in. I want him to see that I am a strong woman and that I coped without him fine before we were married and that I am not a walk over.

Other times, I forget (genuinely, I have a poor memory) to tell him about my dreams and aspirations. for instance, I had an audition coming up and I told my guy friend because he was going to help me practice as he plays the piano. Part of me though, didn't want to tell the Hubby because I don't want to look like a hopeless case and nor did I want to fail at the audition and thus mar his "perfect" image of me.


Am I a hopeless case and when did I become such a silly cow?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It is what it is...

An honest moment for all married people...

They never prepare you for how tricky it is, how difficult, troublesome, and painful it can be to stop being selfish and to belong to someone else.

So, because I am incapable of voicing it myself, I'm using the musical genius of Elisa and her song It is what it is to help with the emotions...

Then comes the sun ...
then comes the sun ...

I'm packing my stuff
crying 'cause he's gone
I'm not gonna see any of you there
I'm gonna go so far 
I have to be faster
maybe I'll get there before the pain
won't leave anything
won't take anything
only a story to tell one day
It can't be too hard
I keep telling myself
while the ground's missing
what's coming after?

It is what it is
I just need to see you
'n hold you
'n cry with you
'n be with you

It is what it is
I just need to see you
'n hold you
'n cry with you
'n be with you

I was afraid of too many things
but dying to prove I was strong enough
to make my own way
to make it myself
to keep my head up
be the one who helps
but it's got me crying
it's got me crawling
I'm so grateful 'cause it's got me knowing
it beats with my heart
the love that we made
shines through my eyes
it's out of the maze

Then comes the sun ...

It is what it is
I just need to see you
'n hold you
'n cry with you
'n be with you

Summer gone
air getting colder
I wished that I was one of those leaves
carried by wind naturally dying
never drank water
never touched fire
but it got me thinking
it got me going
can't be a leaf because I am woman ... I am woman

It is what it is
I just need to see you
'n hold you
'n cry with you
'n be with you
Then comes the sun ...
then comes the sun ...