Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Birthday addicitons

The day of celebrating the fact that I'm still alive is fast approaching and I keep getting asked what I would like to receive as a gift. It's not a good idea asking me because 1) I don't know 2) any idea that I do have is too out of this world to actually come true 3) Most of what I want I just go and buy it myself rather than sit around and wait for it to be my birthday so someone can surprise me with it.

But I have wracked my brain and have decided upon the following:

After being so sorely disappointed by my first taste of a Macaroon I have been instructed to try out Daniela's Macaroons at the Cape Quarter which promise to inspire visions of fluffy white clouds and angels.

daniela 41 225x300 Danielas   deliciously decadent in The Cape Quarter.

I have yet to find them in SA but as soon as I do, I will be bagging myself a pair. Patent Dr Martens. Dude they look so Kick-Ass. I wanna stomp around work with them on.

Second shoe fetish. Superhero inspired Converse.
Superman print converse chuck taylors

After seeing these beautiful pendants, I decided that I simply must have one for myself. You have to check out the collection at http://www.collectjewellery.co.za
I love tulip skirts but just wish I had smaller hips and thighs to carry it off. Miss Molly fashions have some gorgeous ones
I still want a rat. Have been pining for one for a while. They are so smart that you can teach them to play fetch with you. I want a boy who shall be named Petey.

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