Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The curse of the Blackberry

When you buy a Blackberry or any "Smart" phone for that matter, they fail to tell you the extent to which your whole life will revolve around it. They don't warn you of the relationship that will be formed between you and this piece of technology nor the minutes spent trawling through Facebook, Twitter and jumping with delight whenever you hear that delightful "ping" notifying you of an instant message.

With so many forms of social media to check out, I have no need for human interaction.
I literally quote Tweets as though they were said directly to my face and I laugh out loud during Twitter conversations. It has gotten so bad that when I'm out for dinner with my husband, I sneak a peak - under the table - just to see how my followers are doing and whether I have been tweeted. I look like an idiot, I mean, no one honestly looks into their lap and smiles like a loon.

Then there is the awkward toilet moment referring to the dance you do as you decided whether to take your phone with you or whether you can last 50seconds without it. Hopping from one leg to the other in and out of the bathroom is never a good look.

The saddest part though, you want to know how I wake myself up in the morning?, not from giving my Hubby a morning snuggle or from jumping in the shower...but from checking out the latest Twitter feeds!

What is happening to me?
I used to swear to being my own individual person not reliant on the World's norms and now I have been swept away by the need to know everything NOW!
I'm going to give it up. I'm going to go back to my old faithful Nokia.

Yes, this is good. I can cope with just getting messages and playing Snake on my mobile.

I wonder what @smelli_melly is, NO.
I can call her if I want to chat.....

I don't have her number!
I don't even know her address!
Oh gosh, what if she has some really exciting news to tell me and I miss out because of my stupid behind-the-times phone?

What if it's someones birthday, how will I know without Facebook? What about Evernotes?

Must. Get. Blackberry.

Must. Give. In. To. The. Curve.


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  1. The times really have changed. Coffee used to get me started in the morning, now Twitter does that.