Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fairytale Wedding

Some people can be really mean and tell you that on your wedding day you don't deserve to treated like a Princess. They are idiots. You deserve to be as fantastical as you wish!
It's your wedding, make the most of it and live your dream.
Here are some lovely ways you can incorporate that fairy tale elegance and magic to your special day.

1) Remember Cinderella stepping out in her ballgown and having all eyes on her. Grab some of that attention and demand to be looked at with crystals, gems and a whole lotta' sparkle.
2) Candle light is magical. Use it to your advantage and create a fairy glow at your reception and during your ceremony.
3) Hanging wisteria, willow or ivy makes any place more intimate and special. You can create your own heaven with soft sweeping swathes of material of foliage.
4) Choose jewelry that takes you back to your childhood. Make sure you incorporate personal touches to make your day more memorable.
5) What that Elfish feeling, or fancy frolicking around as a woodland imp, then take note of this delicate tiara.
6) Getting your dancing feet on and bring sparkle to the dance floor with these glittery heels. Courtesy of Christian Louboutin
7) Be romantic and sport loose curls and gentle waves. Add in a floral, crystal or diamond hair piece and feel like Royalty.
8) Ribbons, cupcakes and tea sets all inspire a Victorian style wedding, very reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and we all know how magically inclined that was.

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