Monday, 27 June 2011

Girly time at Myatt

I love girly days out and I try and have a fantastically overtly feminine meet up once a month. Our previous choices had been Cape Grace and the Devon Valley detour which were both amazing! This time, four of us girlies chose Myatt at the Waterfront and I had high hopes for it.

The place itself is very pretty with some nice uses of metal and glass, interspersed with flowers and delicate crockery choices. A mix of industrial and vintage.
They had these Gothic looking chandeliers which might have been tacky anywhere else but somehow worked here.

But then it went a little downhill. We were seated by a rather impertinent waitress, you know the type of girl who thinks that you should be serving her. Ya. She handed us three menus one with alluring images of chocolates, the other macaroons and the other a hard bound main menu. It all looked immensely appetising until I found out that one, yes one, teeny tiny chocolate would cost R22. What! I think they may be experimenting with drugs in the kitchens.

I decided to stick with having a scone served with my signature hot water and lemon in this beautiful tea set. I felt very prim and proper.

And then we moved on to the main event. My first ever taste of a Macaroon!


The biggest let down since David Boreanaz stopped showing daily on my TV. It was small and tasted like damp biscuit. I didn't even need to take a picture of it as the menu offered the actual sizes quite perfectly.

 Needless to say, when you pay more, you don't often get more. We left feeling a little disgruntled and decided that we still needed to fill up our cake-hungry tums. So we headed to the one place where we knew we would received a justly slice of cake without a pious waitresses  to look down at us.....we went to Mug and Bean, where all are welcome and all our filled.

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