Friday, 17 June 2011


Today, my internal monologue is bouncing the idea of children around which I’m gonna put that down to a severe influx of hormones.

I’m still too young for kids. 
Or am I? Years back, you had kids in your early twenties but nowadays, you’d be lucky to find a new mother who is not in her late 30’s.
I think the world has gone a bit mad. Perhaps it’s the drive to be successful and established. Perhaps people aren’t getting married as early as before or maybe we have all become selfish and have lost our sense of adventure.

On my part, I’m going to go with the selfish reasons. I’m a newly-wed. I want utter devotion from my husband. I don’t want so be changing nappies and rubbing the sick out of my hair just yet.
I’ve been around babies most of life, my younger siblings were born when I was 10 and 12 so I have done my fair share of sleepless nights, wet beds and food fights.

My Hubby gets broody far more readily than I do but then he is older (by 6 years) and maybe he has a more active biological clock although it probably doesn’t work that we around for men seeing as they can have babies well into their 60’s (yuck).

But moving back to the reasons behind why us women wait so much longer now. In such an unstable world with millions of children abandoned and living homeless or worse, being aborted because their mothers were too silly, young, naive to think about contraception, I would rather we lived in a society where people were properly thinking about parenthood before opening their legs.

However, just look at these pics from

I can’t lie, they are too friggen cute but that isn’t a good enough reason to start popping some out. Hubby says that we need to wait so that I can mature and stop being a kid myself which is true.

I need to grow up before I even think about babies.

So the inner monologue has been silenced and I can go back to loving superheroes, dreaming about tea parties and Gossip Girl.

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