Thursday, 21 July 2011

Things I do that I’m not proud of

  1. I eat peanut butter and jam together straight from the jar
  2. I always cheat at Sudoku and yet act really pleased when I finish it
  3. I judge people by what they wear
  4. I love trashy television even though I hate those who watch it and those who participate in it, for instance Kendra (yuck)
  5. I give my Husband the smallest cookie and get cross when he wants more
  6. I leave half-drunk mugs of green tea around the flat and always forget to put my tea bags in the bin
  7. I spend 40mins on average in the shower just standing there willing myself to get out
  8. I allow myself to be overcome by road rage
  9. I leave the electric blanket on even though my Husband hates it and it makes him all sweaty
  10. I compare myself to a Super Hero (actually, that is pretty awesome)

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