Thursday, 14 July 2011

Weird and wonderful Shoes

Time for a bit of something strange but seductive. Heels have increasingly become more and more adventurous and rather unsturdy looking. If i'm being honest, i'm a flip flops and converse girl, I live in them. Heels make me feel like a teetering giant and I worry that I shall fall on my ass at some point and die of shame (and the fall). But that doesn't stop me from looking at shoes and wishing in my teeny tiny head voice that I was capable of strutting in 6inch killer heels for hours without breaking a sweat or clinging onto my Hubby for dear life. I think the following may break a few ankles, some are rather extreme yet some are also totally divine.

Marc Jacobs
Haus of Price

Jimmy Choo

Alexander McQueen



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