Tuesday, 26 July 2011

You are invited...

Wedding invitations are lovely but they can also be a pain in the behind. Everyone wants to incorporate something of themselves in the design and we're also mindful that the invitation sets the theme of the wedding. It will be the first hint for your guests as to what they can expect from the wedding.
Hubby and I wanted something simple and although we would have loved an over-the-top design, we wanted to spend more money on other things. However, it still didn't stop me from looking at the designs and http://ohsobeautifulpaper.com has some of the most beautiful designs ever.

Pink Gray London Skyline Wedding Invitations Suite 500x375
Purple Gold Ornate Letterpress Wedding Invitations Suite 500x429
Classic Elegant Red White Gray Letterpress Wedding Invitations5 300x409Classic Elegant Red White Gray Letterpress Wedding Invitations7 300x409
Faux Bois Wedding Invitations Glassine Envelope 500x461
Branch Twine Wedding Invitations 500x374

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