Wednesday, 31 August 2011

When Mr H came back...

The Happily-ever-after-invented_large

Yesterday Mr H got back from his 10 day trip around the North Easterly areas of South Africa. I was ecstatic. It has felt as though he's been away for months and it gets rather lonely in the flat, although, I have enjoyed sleeping horizontally over the bed.
Getting back from work yesterday to be greeted by him was magical. That first kiss after days without brought about overexcited butterflies and I swear there was a mini firework display going off in our lounge. As the evening progressed we got straight back into our normal routine:

Mr H: What do you want to eat?
Me: I can make chilli con carne?
Mr H: But you don't really want to cook do you?
Me: There are a lot of things I don't like doing but I do them....(which I didn't mean to say)
Mr H: Okay then, let's get something else. What do you want?
Me: I dunno
Mr H: You must know
Me: I don't know. Do you know?
Mr H: Shante, really?
Me: Okay, okay. Pizza?
Mr H: fine

After getting the pizza (which I also had the night before...eek) Mr H then tells me that he never wanted pizza and that I should have cooked *sigh*. Anyway, we had our rather nasty thick and doughy pizza which had the wrong topping on (thanks Romans for messing that up) and watched The Sanctum....wrong choice of movie when you've just got back with your husband. I sobbed pretty much the whole way through whilst digging my nails into Mr H's back...and not in a sexual way either. After it had finished, we quickly put in Water for Elephants to beat away the melancholy but a few not so gentle snores where coming from Mr H and I knew that was the end of the evening.
As I lay there on the edge of the bed, clinging for dear life to the duvet and occasionally tapping Mr H in the face when he snored I realized that this was indeed true love and I wouldn't actually swap it for the world....I may just get us a bigger bed though.


I just love cupcakes. I can master them now so I haven't made them in awhile but they are so simple and delightful to make that I can't help giggling like a little girl when I prepare them. Obviously, my decoration does not stem to anything too amazing as I have a very low attention span but these designs are enough to inspire the desire to create a masterpiece that is almost too pretty to eat.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

100 Women & 100 Wines part 2

I promised to indulge you with more on my weekend adventure at the Waterfront. I always keep my promises.
After sampling around 40 wines, we had a 2 hour break in which we got ourselves ready for the gala dinner. I haven't had a proper dress up in such a long time. It's so nice to don a dress, heels and smokey eyes. Add in a glass of champagne and I am feeling like a million, billion, trillion dollars.
The setting for the dinner was beautiful with candelabras and ivy. Every lady there was dressed to the nines and looked fab! 
The food was exquisite. Mushroom ragout with green beans and hollandaise sauce. Cape Sea bass and Salmon on a bed of fresh vegetables and the macaroon was HUGE and was filled with the yummiest chocolate ganache. Everything on that plate was heavenly and I wolfed it down. They even served it with one of my all time favourites drinks, Fleur Du Cap Noble Late Harvest! 
But the best was yet to come....for unbeknown to us ladies, the waiters were in fact part of the accapella group Perfect Score and boy did they give us a show. It was like being in a mini episode of Glee. I literally went mad, pushing women out of the way to get closer to those musical hotties. At the end of the evening, we managed to get a photo together with them.
It was such a wonderful weekend and I now determined to enter into every competition I can find. I think I need another weekend away very soon.

Monday, 29 August 2011

100 Women & 100 Wines

This weekend I tasted around 100 wines and managed to consume over 7 glasses of "Champagne".  You may be asking whether my news of late has been so distressing that I felt the need to consume copious amounts of alcohol but in actual fact, I won a weekend stay at the V&A hotel in celebration of the 100Women 100Wines event run by the amazing Clare Mack, editor of the Spill blog.
The prize was a one night stay at the hotel for a friend and I then a wine tasting followed by a gala dinner. This may sound rather tame but I assure you, the event was a hysterical triumph. I have never screamed, like a little girl, so much in my life!

From the moment we got to the hotel I felt like a total Diva - this by the way, was the view from our room:
Once unpacked, we headed down to the restaurant OYO, where we met with other excited ladies from Jozi, Durbz & the Mother City. The buzz was electric.
We started our day with a light lunch and though I was hankering for some carbs and steak (to line my stomach with) we received a delightfully warming butternut soup:
And a salad, which I must admit, was the sort of food I'd rather feed to a rabbit but nevertheless, I ate it all and enjoyed it.
We were then briefed on the day ahead. Basically, we were each going to be given a glass and 20 stickers of two different colours. We choose purple and yellow, this sent us over to the Posh Present wines (these included, Warwick, Tokara, Boschendal etc) and to some rather light hearted wines which I wasn't too interested in. After you had marked your favourite wines with your stickers then you could go around to the other 10 tables and try all those wines....each table had about 10 wines the math.
 The best table was of course the Champagnes...
One of the gorgeous women that we met on the day:
Even though you could pour the wines yourself, surprisingly, and I swear on my chocolate cookies, I was not drunk, not even tipsy. I don't know how I managed to stay sober because I impressed myself with how much I put away..I even managed to sneak off with 3 bottles. 

(Find out tomorrow about the gala dinner, the macaroon that was the size of my face and the "surprise" guests....)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Love This Look

How gorgeous is this outfit! I simply adore that top and the gold shorts are rocking my socks off! You can find more amazing looks here - warning, you may get addicted to the site because it is that good.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Coping with the trenches

On Tuesday I met with my favourite girlies over nachos and cocktails and we ranted about the unfortunate redundancy which was the cause for lots of giggling as we all realized....I have nothing left to lose. I can effectively do whatever the hell I want because I'm leaving anyway. When faced with this momentous realization, one can go a little insane. So I've got to try and control myself.

The first way to incorporate this new found freedom is to make reception duty, a tragically annoying occurrence that happens at random times during the week whereby I have to sit for the receptionist, more fun. It was suggested that I should always answer the phone by telling the caller a random fact. For example:

Ring, Ring,
Me: (*secret name*) Company hello. Did you know that a cat's urine glows in the dark when placed under a black light.
CallerDial Tone

If however, my random facts did not shake the caller from their reason for calling and they asked to speak to a certain person, for example, HR, then this would be the conversation:

Ring, Ring,
Me: (*) Company hello. Did you know that Humpty Dumpty is actually never referred to as an egg in the actual rhyme?
Caller: Er, okay. Can I speak to Montgomery in HR please.
Me: Of course, and could you graciously ask him if why I have no longer got a job.

I can see this going down well.

The next thing I aim to do is to start streaming movies and music for my own personal use which I shall promptly watch, through my rather loud speakers, whilst everyone is working.
I will start coming to work dressed as my favourite characters from the movies I love. Braveheart will be my first challenge.
I also feel like breaking the norm and wearing my underwear over my clothes.
As I need to start looking into my options, I have to be open to different career paths. I figure it wouldn't hurt to use company time to pursue my passion for percussion and opera singing. I would also like to practice Shakespearean sonnets whilst making use of random office props such as the fax machine or people's laptops.

Obviously, these are all ideas, except for reception duty, that I shall restrain from doing as I really am not wanting to burn all of my bridges and get deported back to the UK for being a complete loon.
However, in my head, these ideas sound like such good fun but I shall have to make do with just blogging about them. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nutella cookies

After Monday's incident, I wanted cake. Gluten-free cake. And I didn't want to have to buy any ingredients. I raided my pantry (my single cupboard) and brought out the following ingredients and then using my trusty Evernotes, I found a simple recipe that gave me deliciously moist and gooey cookies. Want to make some too?

1) Take these 6 ingredients.

2) Mix 2 cups of cocoa powder with 3 cups of icing sugar 

3) Add the eggs, vanilla syrup and nutella 

4) Bake on 180 for 7-8 mins and Voila!! 

If you want, you can add anything to this recipe. Chocolate chips, Peanut butter, even flour (2 cups).

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

In the trenches

Yesterday I got a call from HR to come to their offices for a chat. I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever someone needs to talk to me, I start sweating and thinking of all the possible bad things that might have happened…have they found out about the hip flask i’ve been bringing in or that i’ve started sticking post-it notes on people’s backs. Maybe they know about how I violently shake the vending machine every hour to see if something will fall out.

All manner of thoughts were running through my mind and when I got into the meeting I was ready to chew my fingers off in trepidation. What I got told instead was that:

“The company are having a reshuffle and we have to let you go.”

Like taking an axe through my face.

In all honesty, I was just glad that they weren’t firing me and that (and this sounds bad) I wasn’t the only one that they didn’t feel that they needed anymore.What got me was the bull of:

“Remember, it’s not your fault.”

I know it’s not my fault. I didn’t retrench myself.

So now I’m at that awkward stage of having to go out there and flash my bits around (NB: bits meaning “my mind’) and try and get someone to look at me and want me.

I’m strangely positive about it though. I’m wearing my “I’ll kick you in the groin if you mess with me” boots, I’ve got on my best winning smile and I’ve got God to back me up.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Pick it up. Throw it back at life and yell “I’m a woman, balls don’t frighten me!”

Monday, 22 August 2011

Real Men

Parents have a lot to answer for. The way guys behave these days is often a direct result of their upbringing and the manner in which they have been taught about life.
My Grandfather is courteous almost to a fault. He is charming and amusing and listens intently to everything you say to him. You can tell him everything and know that he cares. 
My Father builds me up and up until I am standing on mountains. He is the first to point me on the right path and the first to grab my hand and swing me back around when I'm going the wrong way. 
My husband is exceptional. Through trials and tribulations he still folds me into his arms and tells me that I am his greatest achievement and his Princess.

Those are real men. And I'm grateful for the mothers in their lives who have shaped the way that they are now.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I have learnt from marriage

Today is my 6 month marriage milestone and it has been an epic journey to get us this far. We have fought, shouted, laughed, loved and battled with each-others expectations of what we thought marriage would be like. It has been difficult, I’m not going to lie about it to save face. Both of us have come from different backgrounds so naturally, there were some pretty big fireworks when we came together BUT I still carry that smug “I’m married” smile because I do love being a Mrs and getting to be with Mr H every day.

There have been a lot of things that I’ve learnt over these months, things that have changed and ideas that have been dispelled and I’ve no doubt that some of you married people can agree on some of them.
  1. The toilet seat is not a cause for an argument
  2. Sharing is in fact caring
  3. The wash load doubles, even triples
  4. I don’t have to cook all the time/I actually enjoy cooking
  5. I have no say over what gets put in the fridge
  6. We don’t have to like the same movies/music we just need to accept it
  7. I no longer wear cute PJs and sometimes, my underwear doesn’t match
  8. His clothes are perfect as sleepwear
  9. He hates that I wear his clothes as sleepwear
  10. He is actually on my side and always will be

Blue Rinse

I've never been very adventurous when it comes to my hair the closest I have gotten to being "different" was when I died it purple/red and that was purely for Halloween. 

I wish I had more time and more patience to be able to practice different styles but I enjoy snoozing too much. Currently I'm letting it grow and it is frustrating the hell outta me. It is thick to the point of being able to cushion my head if I ever fell of a skyscraper and the frizz factor is what is messing up Vodacom's signal. 

As far as being quirky and "out there" I'm inclined to stay away from things that are weird or uncouth, for instance, I don't like dreadlocks on a girl and I think bleached blonde hair is very risky. I hated the whole 'shave one half of your head' craze and thus proceed to look like an escaped mental patient but now I see that there is a newer hair craze, the blue rinse

I'm pretty sure that we are all trying to prolong our youth so why get something done that ages you? Perhaps it is just me but does anyone else feel the same way?

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Bake-off

There has been some awesome responses to the proposed bake-off which just goes to show that all people really want in life is cake and sweet things.
It just now means that one needs to throw around some dates and some venues.
September for me is pretty ridiculous, every single Saturday is booked out BUT Sundays (barring the 25th) are free from the morning till 2:30???? So we can bring along our munchies and converse happily with full tummies.

How does that sound?

The next thing to choose, is the any ideas?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Here's to you...

To my wonderful mum. Happy Birthday. No one on this earth deserves a better day than you. You are my Super Women, Wonder Woman and She-Ra. You have stood by me even when I've fumed and raged and have caused you considerable pain. You've kept me together, allowed me to grow and have pushed me to become the best I can possibly be.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Darling! I love your Silhouette

It's not often that you find a deliciously witty website full of unique design offerings that make you quite giddy with delight. Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre is that website and these wonderfully wicked silhouette prints have received a standing ovation. Created by Wilhelm Staehle, who describes himself as a "horribly disfigured gentlemen who often frightens small children", his works deserve attention.

I've somehow been able to pick a few favourites....what do you think?

Wise Men
Pull my Finger
Pervert / Artist
Hi. Bye.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Cake Bake

Lovely blogger Charné Tromp suggested to me that, because of my love for baking, that I should think about having a Tweetup in the vein of a bake-off. We'd all meet somewhere lovely and bring our most delicious baked goods and everyone would get to have a nibble and we'll crown someone the Cake Boss. Simple.

There is also the added bonus of meeting everyone face-to-face and having a good ol' natter over yummy food. I'm always up for that!

Sooo...any Blogger or Tweeter or Both, up for some munching?

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Paddock's Princesses

If you're not doing something on Saturday 3rd September then you got to get yourself over to The Paddocks Shopping Centre for a charity fashion show with the ultimate "AW" factor and the ultimate "YUM" factor.

In aid of Reach For A Dream, we're organizing an event that will showcase the Spring/Summer collections of Keedo, Earth Child and Cupcakes and Cowboys modeled by the most beautiful little girls, all of whom have a life threatening illness. Each of them will be walked down the runway by Janez Vermeiren (the yum factor) and one of them will be crowned the Queen by judges from GoodHope FM as well as the SA cricket captain's wife Deborah Kirsten.

You can show your support by being there and also by entering into the raffle....

Thursday, 11 August 2011

"You can only do so much"

Help is not a word I like to use often. I profess to being something of a proud and arrogant peacock just minus the blue feathers and cat-sounding vocal chords. For reasons never to be explained via a blog, I hate asking for help from anyone for fear of looking like a little weak and feeble girl. In particular, due to being at Uni and having my family move across seas, I am used to looking after myself.
Now that I am a married women, that doesn't work so well. I've become part of a team, a team that doesn't work well if I bottle up my weaknesses and try and be stubborn. It's not that I don't think my husband is capable of helping me, not at all, I just feel that he may see me differently if I let down my guard.
He wants to help out, he's gorgeously wonderful and tells me to lean on him in all things but my little stone heart wants me to be a mighty warrior, alone and covered in armour. 
But slowly, bit by bit, I'm trying to work at it.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Design Loves

A home ware and accessories design house based in New Zealand, Citta Design have captured my eye with their quirky and lush designs. The way they use wood in their furniture is inspiring and I love the natural feel of  some of their designs as well as the fun and inventive themes of their accessories.
I picked just a few of my favourites but I found that incredibly hard to do.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Website Love: Deep Dark Africa

I do love handmade things or things that resemble something that could have quite possibly been made by hand. Okay, now I am rambling. The point is, I like Deep Dark Africa and they have some gorgeous little pieces that I am trying to find space for in my teeny tiny flat. If I get rid of my husband's clothes then maybe I can fit them in.


Friday, 5 August 2011

Sick People

Okay, so this is my bitchy moment of the month so be aware, sometimes I say things that aren't nice and that I really do mean. Today's topic: Sickness.
Being Ill is not something you should take liberally. In fact, unless you’re going to be so ill that you have to stay in bed, please keep it to yourself.  If there was an imaginary line that I could draw 2 metres above my head then I would say “I have had it up to here!” And I would point to that line. 
You know that person who is sick all the time and when he is sick, he wants the world and its wife to know. They are always coughing and sighing and moaning and weeping as if they have leukaemia and are about to undergo bone marrow surgery. I just want to shake them and cram them full of Vitamin C.

I strongly believe that being ill with coughs and colds is a mind over matter thing. Get your fruit and veg in, drink water and think yourself super healthy and I promise you, you’ll feel good, like me, pretty much all the time.

However, if you can’t keep that cold at bay then keep your mouth shut.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Star Style: Rachel Weisz

Spotted at the Whistleblower Premier

I always think Rachel dresses well. She knows the shapes and colours that suit her and she sticks to it. Granted, this can get a little boring at times, it can be good to experiment, but pairing this red dress with a post-marital glow and she has this one in the bag.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The word diet strikes fear into even the most stalwart of folks and it is word I try not to wave around unless it is in front of my husband which doesn't usually bode well for me:

Husband: You want to go out for dinner?
Me: I can't, I'm on a diet. I can only have soup.
Husband: But you just sat eating peanut butter with a spoon.
Me: It is an essential fat that my body needs.
Husband: You're an essential fat that needs to come out for dinner because i'm sick of soup.
Me: Okay

So really, the word diet sticks to me like wet cellotape.

But this time, I'm on a really important diet. I'm staying away from wheat, gluten and caffeine in an attempt to self diagnose these stomach cramps I get rather sporadically. I've been gluten-free since last Tuesday and I don't feel any different but i'm only just trying to go without my morning coffee fix. It's a good thing that coffee, besides making me want to wee every 15mins, doesn't give me a buzz because then I may have the shakes without so i'm pretty confident that i'll be able to handle it.

What I can't handle is not being able to make banana bread but I can suppress that with more peanut butter right.....*sigh* I need to try and last for 2 weeks so let's see how well that goes.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Harry Potter Wedding

After all the Harry Potter hype, it only seemed right to post these lovely inspired wedding pics. Wonder which house I would be sat at?