Tuesday, 30 August 2011

100 Women & 100 Wines part 2

I promised to indulge you with more on my weekend adventure at the Waterfront. I always keep my promises.
After sampling around 40 wines, we had a 2 hour break in which we got ourselves ready for the gala dinner. I haven't had a proper dress up in such a long time. It's so nice to don a dress, heels and smokey eyes. Add in a glass of champagne and I am feeling like a million, billion, trillion dollars.
The setting for the dinner was beautiful with candelabras and ivy. Every lady there was dressed to the nines and looked fab! 
The food was exquisite. Mushroom ragout with green beans and hollandaise sauce. Cape Sea bass and Salmon on a bed of fresh vegetables and the pudding....wow....the macaroon was HUGE and was filled with the yummiest chocolate ganache. Everything on that plate was heavenly and I wolfed it down. They even served it with one of my all time favourites drinks, Fleur Du Cap Noble Late Harvest! 
But the best was yet to come....for unbeknown to us ladies, the waiters were in fact part of the accapella group Perfect Score and boy did they give us a show. It was like being in a mini episode of Glee. I literally went mad, pushing women out of the way to get closer to those musical hotties. At the end of the evening, we managed to get a photo together with them.
It was such a wonderful weekend and I now determined to enter into every competition I can find. I think I need another weekend away very soon.

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