Thursday, 1 September 2011

30 Seconds to madness

I am incredibly competitive. I hate to admit it. At most things in life, I like to be the best. I like to know things and bamboozle people with my intellect and I like to be classed as a great cook/baker (which will hopefully be proved here). However, games are the worst.
I’m one of those people who likes to fake a smile when really I am inwardly grimacing over the fact that I am not number one. I think with age, this has only gotten worse. I’m like an angry Scottish warrior, shouting out loud words that don’t make much sense, stomping all over the place and promising death to all my fellow players.

The other night, I had some girlies over and we played 30 Seconds. Wow does it pull out the angry rebel within me. There were four of us. Two teams. My blood levels have never been higher:

I've picked up the blue card. The hourglass has been turned. I am now describing to my partner

Me: Another name for the United Kingdom.
My partner (MP): Ooooh...oooooh…yes
Me: It’s the collective term for England, Scotland, Wales etc
MP: Yes, I know this….um…
Me: It’s awesome….come on….another name for where I am from
MP: Europe?

Take two

Me: It happens in October. We dress up as scary things.
MP: Oh oh oh oh
Me: You carve out faces in pumpkins
MP: Damn it…I know this one….um um
Me: You go trick or treating. You know, Trick or treating?
Blank expression
Me: Trick or Treating. Come on! TRICK OR TREATING!!!! (I'm literally screaming and about to throttle someone whilst doing a Tom Cruise on the couch)
MP: Great Britain!!

We lost the game. Not surprisingly. And I was close to taking her off my Christmas list but remembered that she is my very close friend and what doesn’t kill you with shame will only make you kick ass more brutally next time.

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  1. Ha ha ha! I'm a sucker for a good game of 30 seconds too. We used to play it all the time when our group of 20 or so friends got together,the level of competition was ridiculous and if you were the reason for your team loosing, you'd here about it for months. Good (competitive) fun! ;-)