Monday, 22 August 2011

Real Men

Parents have a lot to answer for. The way guys behave these days is often a direct result of their upbringing and the manner in which they have been taught about life.
My Grandfather is courteous almost to a fault. He is charming and amusing and listens intently to everything you say to him. You can tell him everything and know that he cares. 
My Father builds me up and up until I am standing on mountains. He is the first to point me on the right path and the first to grab my hand and swing me back around when I'm going the wrong way. 
My husband is exceptional. Through trials and tribulations he still folds me into his arms and tells me that I am his greatest achievement and his Princess.

Those are real men. And I'm grateful for the mothers in their lives who have shaped the way that they are now.

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