Friday, 5 August 2011

Sick People

Okay, so this is my bitchy moment of the month so be aware, sometimes I say things that aren't nice and that I really do mean. Today's topic: Sickness.
Being Ill is not something you should take liberally. In fact, unless you’re going to be so ill that you have to stay in bed, please keep it to yourself.  If there was an imaginary line that I could draw 2 metres above my head then I would say “I have had it up to here!” And I would point to that line. 
You know that person who is sick all the time and when he is sick, he wants the world and its wife to know. They are always coughing and sighing and moaning and weeping as if they have leukaemia and are about to undergo bone marrow surgery. I just want to shake them and cram them full of Vitamin C.

I strongly believe that being ill with coughs and colds is a mind over matter thing. Get your fruit and veg in, drink water and think yourself super healthy and I promise you, you’ll feel good, like me, pretty much all the time.

However, if you can’t keep that cold at bay then keep your mouth shut.

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