Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I have learnt from marriage

Today is my 6 month marriage milestone and it has been an epic journey to get us this far. We have fought, shouted, laughed, loved and battled with each-others expectations of what we thought marriage would be like. It has been difficult, I’m not going to lie about it to save face. Both of us have come from different backgrounds so naturally, there were some pretty big fireworks when we came together BUT I still carry that smug “I’m married” smile because I do love being a Mrs and getting to be with Mr H every day.

There have been a lot of things that I’ve learnt over these months, things that have changed and ideas that have been dispelled and I’ve no doubt that some of you married people can agree on some of them.
  1. The toilet seat is not a cause for an argument
  2. Sharing is in fact caring
  3. The wash load doubles, even triples
  4. I don’t have to cook all the time/I actually enjoy cooking
  5. I have no say over what gets put in the fridge
  6. We don’t have to like the same movies/music we just need to accept it
  7. I no longer wear cute PJs and sometimes, my underwear doesn’t match
  8. His clothes are perfect as sleepwear
  9. He hates that I wear his clothes as sleepwear
  10. He is actually on my side and always will be


  1. Congratulations now! Hope you have a stunning celebration weekend planned with lot's of wine and cake and all the delicious things you love so much ;-)
    Love Ingrid x

  2. Aaawh! This is such a sweet post & so honest! Congratulations to you two, may there be plenty more anniversaries to celebrate ;-)