Monday, 29 August 2011

100 Women & 100 Wines

This weekend I tasted around 100 wines and managed to consume over 7 glasses of "Champagne".  You may be asking whether my news of late has been so distressing that I felt the need to consume copious amounts of alcohol but in actual fact, I won a weekend stay at the V&A hotel in celebration of the 100Women 100Wines event run by the amazing Clare Mack, editor of the Spill blog.
The prize was a one night stay at the hotel for a friend and I then a wine tasting followed by a gala dinner. This may sound rather tame but I assure you, the event was a hysterical triumph. I have never screamed, like a little girl, so much in my life!

From the moment we got to the hotel I felt like a total Diva - this by the way, was the view from our room:
Once unpacked, we headed down to the restaurant OYO, where we met with other excited ladies from Jozi, Durbz & the Mother City. The buzz was electric.
We started our day with a light lunch and though I was hankering for some carbs and steak (to line my stomach with) we received a delightfully warming butternut soup:
And a salad, which I must admit, was the sort of food I'd rather feed to a rabbit but nevertheless, I ate it all and enjoyed it.
We were then briefed on the day ahead. Basically, we were each going to be given a glass and 20 stickers of two different colours. We choose purple and yellow, this sent us over to the Posh Present wines (these included, Warwick, Tokara, Boschendal etc) and to some rather light hearted wines which I wasn't too interested in. After you had marked your favourite wines with your stickers then you could go around to the other 10 tables and try all those wines....each table had about 10 wines the math.
 The best table was of course the Champagnes...
One of the gorgeous women that we met on the day:
Even though you could pour the wines yourself, surprisingly, and I swear on my chocolate cookies, I was not drunk, not even tipsy. I don't know how I managed to stay sober because I impressed myself with how much I put away..I even managed to sneak off with 3 bottles. 

(Find out tomorrow about the gala dinner, the macaroon that was the size of my face and the "surprise" guests....)

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