Thursday, 11 August 2011

"You can only do so much"

Help is not a word I like to use often. I profess to being something of a proud and arrogant peacock just minus the blue feathers and cat-sounding vocal chords. For reasons never to be explained via a blog, I hate asking for help from anyone for fear of looking like a little weak and feeble girl. In particular, due to being at Uni and having my family move across seas, I am used to looking after myself.
Now that I am a married women, that doesn't work so well. I've become part of a team, a team that doesn't work well if I bottle up my weaknesses and try and be stubborn. It's not that I don't think my husband is capable of helping me, not at all, I just feel that he may see me differently if I let down my guard.
He wants to help out, he's gorgeously wonderful and tells me to lean on him in all things but my little stone heart wants me to be a mighty warrior, alone and covered in armour. 
But slowly, bit by bit, I'm trying to work at it.

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