Friday, 16 September 2011

Cake Stands

I may not come across as the D.I.Y baby but I've got it in my blood....granted, it is very watered down. My grandfather is a whizz with pretty much anything. He used to create and make furniture and artistic pieces that were amazing. He still makes things and at 83, he re-designed and fitted his own kitchen. I however, prefer to look at something and think "now who can I get to help me with making that". Yet I am amazed at how easy the following D.I.Y project is...
You know I love cakes, and that I also love pretty and whimsical things. They don't come much more fanciful than these two cake stand ideas which I can see as being a project that I can tackle on my own. Don't they look stunning and I can see that my cupcakes will get pride of place in the flat.

Trash Chandelier Cake Stand
You can get instructions here

Rustic Cake Stand
You can get instructions here

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