Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Disney Dilemma

(angst Ariel)
After watching another Disney movie with my brother and sister, I have come to realize something rather disturbing about all these stories. Look back over all the 'Princess" Disney movies you ever watched and can you see a pattern? I'm not talking about the inclusion of talking animals and fish, which I think is perfectly normal. I often think that animals talk to me, I just don't always listen to them. The pattern is that their are no decent parent figures, you're either a Princess with a wicked stepmother or you have a rather idiotic and anal father. So I know that the first few Disney princess movies were based on fairy tales which were rather grim (no pun intended) but if you think about all the later movies, little girls don't really have any nice parent role models.

Snow White: No parents but an evil step mother who wants her dead and possibly made into a pie (that is the only logical explanation I can think of for wanting her heart).
Cinderella: No parents and an evil stepmother with really creepy eyes.
Sleeping Beauty: Parents with an acute fear of sharp objects who shove their daughter into a forest under the supervision of glorified fireflies
Beauty and the Beast: A father who is a Muppet. He should have listened to his horse...ah but then Belle wouldn't have met the Beast....
Aladdin: By far the worst parent as he seems content to just play with little toys.
The Little Mermaid: A father who is impressive but who doesn't understand his daughter and destroys her room. So uncool!
Tangled: Does she even have parents?

The only one with a slight difference was The Princess and the Frog - she had a nice dad but he didn't last long.

The best Disney dad for me will always be Mufasa. His death was heartbreakingly cruel, no wonder I'm messed up! If I hadn't had such an awesome real-life Dad, I would be a mental nutcase who thinks that glass slippers are comfortable, short men who live in the middle of the woods are a safe bet and hairy beasts are sexy...hang on....he kinda is....

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