Monday, 19 September 2011

Girl Power

I am a Christian therefore, people automatically assume that I must be a push-over. In high-school, I remember someone using my faith as a means for making fun of me and stating that I could not retaliate because "it's against my religion". 
Let me just tell you something, you do not mess with a Christian, especially one that carries a bible around with her which can be turned into a deadly assault weapon. Yes, we're taught to love all people equally but at the same time, I'm not going to lie down and let you beat me you ignorant nitwit. 
Firstly, I am a woman and I eat a lot of chocolate. Chocolate gives you extra special muscles which can break kryptonite. And secondly, I am also a master of sarcasm and will baffle your small and constricted little mind to the point of making you cry and scream for your trollop of a mother. Yes, that's right, I am not to be taken lightly.
However, saying all this, I am very aware of the image that many "religious" people portray. We get a bad press because some people are idiots and some are judgemental fools....but I'm not here to write about those guys, just to dispense with the whole "weak and geeky" stereotype because I'm the real deal baby and if my wit and chocolate-fuelled muscles can't stop you then I'm sure that singing Kumbaya about a dozen times whilst hugging you tightly will.

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