Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rugby Raves

I love the buzz of the RWC but I'm not liking the change in temperament of Mr H. After watching the SA versus Wales game. On Sunday I saw my husband's inner beast and whilst it was mildly attractive, it was also a little scary. The morning started off so well, health smoothies in hand and a blanket tucked around us, we were a couple in love. But once Wales had scored, the blanket was thrown off and Mr H was sat bolt upright on the edge of the couch screaming obscenities at the screen. I tried desperately to soothe his frustration, a kiss here and a tickle there but to no avail. At one point, he was close to getting up and doing his very own Haka and poor little me, to make up for the lack of love and affection, was forced to ogle over all the cute players. It's a hard life I lead.
Thank God they won otherwise I would have had to make serious amounts of cookies and brownies to bring him out of his dark mood.
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