Friday, 21 October 2011

D.I.Y inspiration for your bedroom

My wonderful friend Bianca (who can be found here) has a lovely abode in which she is currently getting her D.I.Y freak on. She's a practical lass you see and when she wants to do something, she plans it and executes it to perfection...tis why I'm going to get her to make things for my house one day.

Anyway, she recently finished her bedroom and I love it. 

It's simple elegance with a crisp, clean, neutral pallate which is only broken by the inclusion of  golds and forest greens in stunning satin.

See that headboard, she made that. Out of a door. Yeah, that is pretty damn cool.

If you want to make your own headboard then click here for a pretty awesome D.I.Y tutorial to get you started.

Got any D.I.Y bedroom projects to share?

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