Thursday, 20 October 2011

Do opposites attract?

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It's an old saying and scientific fact that opposites appeal to one another. I'm not sure when this started applying to relationships but I remember as a wee teenager reading through 17 and being told that even if he is the school's bad boy, you might have a future with him. Thanks for that worthless piece of advice. From my experience, complete and utter opposites end up causing enough friction to start a global fire. It's okay to have difference, it would be so dull if you were identical in all your tastes, but there is a limit.
Maybe it is just me, perhaps you're dating your complete opposite and it is a total success? For me, I've got two examples of my most serious past relationships whereby it wasn't enough that our only similarity was being human.

Boyfriend 1:
I was warned away from him by all my friends and was told that he was a bit of a bad ass, drank heavily, smoked and hung around with a bad crowd. He was all of the above as well as being a mummy's boy, pansy and complete abusive douchebag.

Boyfriend 2:
Posh snob from the South of England. Wearer of all things Abercrombie and Jack Wills. Highly educated and totally pretentious. Was also a utter Nancy boy and a bit of a nerd but not in the cool interesting way.

Both of these boys were my polar opposites, although, I did think that BF 2 would be a safer bet being all smart and intellectual. But you see, I needed to have something in common with them to make it work out. I love reading and am a bit of a culture fiend, bf 1 was one brain cell short of being a goldfish. I need someone who can stand up to me but who also offers me protection, bf 2 used to cry if we ever had a slight argument. We went through more tissues in that relationship than I did when watching The Green Mile.

But now, I've found the best of the best.

Mr H:
I was also warned against him by some jealous guy and was told that he was also a bit of a bad boy. After bf 2, I needed a bit of rough. The rest is history.....we differ a lot, he is a sprightly morning person (although lately I have been kicking his ass in that respect), he prefers lame comedies in the vein of American Pie, he doesn't enjoy reading and he is always too hot whilst I'm always cold. But we've got the best things in common, our sense of humour, our love of food, our morals and what we want in life. And for all of our differences, I like scoring mind points on converting Mr H to the things I like, my most reason triumph being The Office (US).

Sounds like I'm being all mushy again. Feel free to vomit a little. I just want to see if anyone has any experience of dating an opposite?? Did it work out or can I start writing stern letters to teenage magazines?

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