Friday, 14 October 2011

The Good Life

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You know you've got a good thing going for you when:

1) Your man makes you the best finger lickin' ribs ever!
2) You pair gluten-free cookie crumbs with ice cream and warm white chocolate sauce
3) Your man turns off your alarm for extra snuggle time
4) You've been invited to a Bar Mitzvah for an incredibly funny autistic boy whose brother, who is also autistic likes to smear snot on your car window. (It may sound gross but imagine what the party will be like!)
5) Today marks the beginning of a Batman movie marathon with your fave girlys.
6) This weekend your heading to Devon Valley for a wine and food pairing event. Yum
7) You've now turned your tiny balcony into an allotment filled with tomatoes, herbs and cabbage.
8) It is the weekend and your only plans revolve around food.
9) And an added bonus, It is my Gran's birthday today and though we are miles apart (she is in the UK) I'm so grateful that she is still a full on young Grandma. She puts me to shame.

Have a good weekend ya'll. What are everyone's plans?