Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Goblins, ghouls, ghosts and GHD's.....huh? Oh right, I forgot that Halloween wasn't actually about being scary or enjoying some holiday cheer but rather about dressing like a complete skank and getting away with it (not that GHD's make you a skank). That is one of my least fondest memories of university. My first year Halloween was a tirade of pussy cats, cave women (wearing only leapard print bikinis), bad nurses and the occaisonal slutty Disney character which by the way is a sin, Snow White was not a harlot even if she did stay with 7 men. However, this sort of dressing up might just be a trend of the UK because every reference to Halloween in the US seems to be all about pumpkins, candy and decorating your front porch (although Mean Girls was an advocate for whoreish behaviour).
I'm anxious to see how Cape Town celebrates because I can seriously not be doing with trick or treaters. Call me unsocial but opening the door to kids dressed as horrific characters from creepy movies just unnerves they even know that Vampires were inspired by the legend of Vlad the Impaler?

I don't ever celebrate Halloween but I do like the abundance of sweetie recipes and pumpkin artwork.

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I am particularly in love with this recipe (which I must make gluten-free).

Pumpkin Spice pull-apart Bread with Butter Rum glaze.
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