Monday, 31 October 2011

Lessons from the weekend

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1) Sometimes, being a bit cheeky gets you places. Mr H and I went to Makro at the weekend. I know, I know, you're probably thinking we were crazy. The queue to park was horrendous and then when we got to the shop, there was a freakin' queue to get in. There was no way we were going to wait so we amused ourselves in the Liquor shop which was surprisingly empty. As I was drooling over the Moet & Chandon display case, Mr H quickly pulled me through to the loading section where he, being Mr H, turned on the charm and got a security guard to let us into the main shop. Score.
2) California wine is cheap and scrumptious. This Barefoot wine was on special, so we bought a few bottles which have subsequently all been drunk over the weekend. Damn it was good.
3) My new strict diet is working wonders. I've had 2 days of no pain. Bonus.
4) Using unripened bananas in a banana bread calls for extra sugar.
5) I'm addicted to series. (Modern Family rocks)
6) Bacon is king of the morning.
7) Mr H has an addiction to my BBQ chicken recipe. I'm beginning to believe that he needs psychiatric help.
8) I found a baby bird that had fallen out of it's nest outside a shop. Everyone was staring at it and it was close to being trampled on so I had to take it home with me. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, it died. I now feel rather useless and a bit dejected.
9) So that I don't end on a depressing note, my final revelation is that sometimes, all you need is a braai, good wine and the Kings of Leon to guarantee a great evening.
10)...also, I hate uneven numbering.

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