Monday, 10 October 2011

Life without.....

Ok, I know I've said it before but this time I mean it, I'm going to do 21 days without gluten or wheat in a vain attempt to sort out my erractic body. You may be thinking "yeah Shante, we've heard it all before" but I swore infront of my Twitter pals at the bake-off so I have to do it.
I'm a little fearful for my health in that Mr H may not be so happy with the sudden lack of baking and the loss of one of his fave puddings, Semolina. I know I can cook with gluten-free flour, my mum is a Coeliac so I've been doing it for years but to be honest, it just isn't the same. Gluten-free flour has a habit of being rather crumbly even with the inclusion of the miracle working Xantham Gum which acts as a binding agent....look at me with my great knowledge.
So thus begins my 21 day fast new eating habit and to motivate myself, I'm going to post my menus for each day. It's also a way for the gluten police to keep an eye on me.

Day 1

Quinoa with apple and cinnamon. Recipe found here

Maybe I'm not cooking it enough but is it supposed to be hard and crunchy? It isn't a meal that I can make in the morning because it takes 25mins to cook so I had to do it the night before (get me and my organisation skills). I don't think it will ever beat porridge but if I top it with natural yogurt, it is edible.

Braised Lentils. Recipe found here

Again, I made this yesterday but it says that it will keep for weeks which makes it a star in my eyes. I like the taste and I feel pretty darn healthy eating it. You could also put anything with it.

Crispy honey lemon chicken. Recipe found here

I haven't cooked it yet but it promises to be totally scrummy. I will obviously not be using normal flour to coat the chicken but with stick to Maizena.

So, what do you think? Anyone got any good gluten-free recipes for me?


  1. Wow! Looks like a good start, minus breakfast. But dinner sure does look yummy. Check out these yummy Gluten-Free Treats:
    You may be able to satisfy your sweet tooth after all ;-)

  2. Looks like 3 very nice meals. I can never cook quinoa right - either hard and crunchy or overcooked. Good luck with the new eating plan.