Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Outage

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I love this picture. How beautiful is that girl and how innocent and sweet she is. Reminds me of a simpler time when I was younger and you could get away with anything. People enjoyed having you around then and when you discovered new things, like the art of taking a blurred photo of the back of someone's head, everyone was equally excited as you were.
With all the commotion regarding the Blackberry outage and Bryce Lawrence's new job (haha), I am shocked at how dependent I am on my black brick. When did I stop being enthralled with the little things in life and become so wrapped up in a piece of technology that pretty much belongs in a museum now. But I wasn't just upset over the loss of BB for the social media side but also for the  fact that I haven't been able to contact my grandparents or even Mr H when he is at work. It may be time for me to invest in a pigeon or even better, an owl. 
Mr H loves the fact that I know longer wake up and tweet or check Facebook. We're almost a fully functioning couple now. 

How did you guys cope without your trusty phone?

Just in case you thought I had forgotten, it is day 4 of my gluten-free diet but both lunch and dinner are being made for me so I shall have to inform you of that tomorrow.

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