Thursday, 6 October 2011

Waste not, pretend to want not


As I was showering yesterday I happened to glance upwards to see that Stalactites were growing from my ceiling at an alarming rate. In fact, the whole roof above the shower has become a hairy beast that is in desperate need of mould killer. When did this happen? I am now in a state of alarm when I get into the shower for fear of something falling onto me, so I move swiftly and never stand in one place which makes for great exercise and also means that I now don't spend my usual 30mins washing. Mr H is ecstatic, not about the livestock that inhabits our ceiling, but that I now don't use so much water. Seriously, our family motto should be 'Don't waste water', which I thoroughly agree with but I do like a nice hot steaming shower in the mornings.

Anyway, this whole saving the planet thing is something that I'm really big on. Back when I lived in the UK, it was a huge deal and I made sure that I tried to buy organic produce from the UK to cut out my carbon footprint and I sourced my beauty products from reputable, earth-friendly places. Oh, and I loved to recycle. But having moved over here, it is a lot trickier to do. Maybe that is just me not being so aware but recycling is harder, good food is more expensive and offices over here don't seem to care that their lights are left on overnight. Even today whilst driving, some dude threw an empty packet out of his car window. I hooted at him to show my disgust and he made a rather rude gesture. Bars Dad (see what I did there?).

So now I'm thinking of ways to cut down on my waste. One teeny tiny thing that Mr H and I are doing is that we're growing herbs on our balcony. Hahahaha.Sorry, it makes me giggle because you need to see the size of our flat. A carton of milk has more room. Anyway, we persevere and have also started planting veggies in Mr H's garden at his house in the Northern Subs. That has got to be doing some good right? I'm also going to take away my electric blanket, sniff, and resort to clinging desperately to Mr H for warmth. Not a bad swap.

Are any of you doing anything planet-saving these days?

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