Monday, 17 October 2011

Wine, Canapes and Ice Cream. Oh My!

I've literally had to roll out of bed this morning carrying with me my extra rolls from a weekend of scoffing my face. I may complain about my job, but the one perk is the social media and tourism side.

To mark the release of SylvanVale's new wines, Devon Valley Hotel asked me to put together a small gathering of people who a) love wine b) love food c) were involved in the wine industry. This gathering was going to take part in tasting the new vintages as well as having them paired with some delicious treats created by the Devon Valley chef. What transpired was a culinary dream afternoon with free-flowing wine and amazing food rounded up by an entertaining and insightful talk about each wine from SylvanVale winemaker Mark, who was incredibly witty.

The only problem was that being gluten-free, I couldn't eat much so instead, I had to make do with extra glasses of wine....*hic*

Our first wine was the Dry Cabernet Rose (2009).
It is rated as a leader in the new wave of Rose and it truly is a masterpiece. Bright and clear with hints of cherry and strawberry and a subtle touch of wood and vanilla. It was the favourite of the ladies.

Second was the eagerly anticipated Sauvignon Blanc which hasn't even been released fully yet. It was paired with Salmon and fresh dill. Delightful.

Third wine was a Cabernet with dark cherry flavours and an oaky, cedar box undertone. They paired it with a poached pair and gorgonzola wrapped in phyllo pastry and served with a cranberry reduction.

The fourth wine was their Pinotage which has been matured for 5 years and has a beautiful deep structure. This was paired with a Bobotie truffle and mango relish. It sounds strange but I promise you it is the best canapé you will ever eat in your life. I had to give mine to Mr H because they are covered in crunchy phyllo pastry, he wasn't complaining.

Our fifth and final wine was the Family Reserve. A blend of Cab Sav, Pinotage, and Shiraz. Wonderfully woody with musky yet slightly spicy undertones from the french oak, this was paired with a wild mushroom and truffle oil tortellini. The chef kindly gave me the wild mushrooms and truffle oil without the pasta. Yummy.

The wine maker, Head Chef Markus, and Hotel manager Craig.

Once all the wines had been tasted and the savoury dishes finished, we all thought the event had come to a close.....but we were so wrong. They brought out the BIG guns. Their new home-made ice creams.

Amarula & coffee baked cheese cake topped with chocolate truffle & crème Anglaise

Marmalade ice cream & créme Brûlée with brandy snap & white chocolate sauce.

Nougat ice cream and chocolate brownie with glazed cashew nuts, caramelized bananas and espresso Anglaise 

Cheese Duo & Gorgonzola ice cream. Emmental and camembert cheese with caramelized nuts and grilled pear.

I think by this point, I was a little squiffy. 

If you're feeling a little jealous, don't fret. We're planning on making this a monthly occurrence so make sure you're following me on Twitter @jhordanssister and @Devonvalley. Next one will be even more ice cream tasters. p.s, these events are free. (I know, crazy right)

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  1. Wishing I was back in Cape Town! Amarula & coffee baked cheese cake topped with chocolate truffle & crème Anglaise - YUM!!!!