Monday, 21 November 2011

Your potential

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I'm in a bit of a fix, I don't feel as though I'm kicking enough ass and because of my pride, I want to prove that I can succeed at anything you throw at me. Yet, having woken up to glorious sunshine this morning and a small lie-in, I feel a strong surge of positivity spreading through me like a friendly disease....such as tonsillitis, which allows you to eat masses of ice cream and not feel bad....that may just be me. Anyway, I have compiled a few commandments for facing this day and future days and how you and I can survive in positions which really do take the cake.

1) Never aim to reach the potential set for you by others. Always exceed their expectations because only you know what you are capable of.
2) If you love something that much then do it however, if you love singing but are completely tone deaf and sound like someone is gnawing on your windpipe when you blast those notes then please, keep those sounds to yourself. Or go on Idols next year
3) I say this now from experiencing it first hand, don't let frightened little men make you believe that you are not equal to them in brain power. Joan of Arc didn't make history by leaving it up to the men and Marie Curie didn't sit on the sidelines and let her husband do all the work.
4) If you you don't believe in yourself then no one else, apart from maybe your parents, will. Show them that even though they may drag you down, they will never extinguish your internal spark.
5) Set mini goals for yourself each day. I am currently trying to write my first novel and want to write 500-1000 words a day. Try and work towards something awesome.
6) Laugh at your own mistakes first and then move on quickly. Don't let it fester in your mind that you, perfect and wonderful you, had a small hiccup.
7) Occasionally scream.
8) Award yourself when you do something that blows your own mind and that could be a little thing such as, you finally know how to monitor the CTR on Google Adwords or perhaps you did something huge such as signing on a huge client. Whatever it is, applaud and award.
9) And finally, because my own words fail me sometimes....Don't stop believing!


  1. Oh you made me laugh, you writing is brilliant! At least those idiots who told you off inspired a classic rant :)

  2. Thanks for the positive thoughts. I'm in desperate need of some positivity to finish the mountain of work in front of me.

    Show those 'little men' what you're made of woman! ;-)