Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Flying free

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Yesterday I handed in my resignation from a job that yes, as you might have read, has been causing me a few health issues and humorous grievances. My thoughts are a mixture of relief mingled with regret over some of the great relationships that have started up there. I have had the pleasure of being with some amazing people as well as the test of being with some who are not. It's a daunting prospect being out on your ass again but I have so much support for the decision that it is hard to think otherwise. If your heart is not truly in something then it is detrimental to your very being to continue putting yourself in a position that causes you grief.

So what now? Well, I find something that I truly love, with people I truly respect and who understand me and I work on myself. There is a lot I could alter and I'm willing to go on this journey.

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  1. You are such a brave lady!
    May you find what you love soon! Until then enjoy your freedom and discover new passions!