Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Girl Rules

Women. A species that has, for centuries, perplexed men world wide and indeed women themselves. We're pretty amazing, the way we can multi-task, stay strong in the face of great adversity and handle periods and childbirth without falling on the floor and crying (not like some footballers). Over my few short years, I have seen quite a few myths/facts about women and I thought it would be interesting to look at a few.

1) Friends don't date friends exes. Now I totally understand this if the guy was a douche and cheated or abused your friend, no one should want to touch that. However, it's different if your friend dumbed the guy just because she was bored or if it was an amicable split then, the rules should change. If your friend doesn't want him, why shouldnt someone else?
2) Girls go to the bathroom together I can only put this down to the fact that we like company. You'll notice that a place can be totally empty but get to the girls bathroom and it's like there has been a sale in YDE. When standing in a toilet queue, one can get bored, we need a distraction. Plus, after a few drinks, it can help to get a second perspective on how far away the toilet actually is. You might just need that extra hand to keep you steady.
3) Chocolate makes us happy. This is just like stating that the world is round, it is a fact. Chocolate lets off endorphins and those make you feel good. Beer makes guys happy although, chocolate is far better for you, something about antioxidants....that's what I like to tell myself when in scoffing milky bars in my face.
4) We believe in fairy tales. Why on earth would anyone want to go through life not expecting or desiring a happy ending? How depressing. Men have a habit of being rational and realistic to a fault whilst us girls like to be creative. Why shouldn't our Prince come, why can't we go to Paris fashion week, why can't we suddenly become superheroes???
5) We need clothes and shoes. Fashion is an outward expression of an inner personality. It's a way of saying hi to the world just like a Car is an expression for a guy although, a lot of us like cars too. As for having more than one pair of shoes, well that's just healthy, who wants to have one smelly pair of shoes? And I know for a fact, if we didn't have all the clothes we have, guys would complain that we aren't making an effort.
6) Makeup is essential. I swear you could ask most ladies and they would tell you that they can't possibly go out of the house without makeup because they would look like an extra from A zombie flick. In all truth, we just look like a slightly less fresh and flawless version of our made up selves but honestly, we won't believe you if you tell us that. The only make up I ever wear is mascara and it has to be waterproof because when I laugh too much I end up crying hysterically and then I look like a panda, just less cute and cuddly. I would probably wear more makeup but I'm too lazy and I don't, um, actually know how to really apply foundation. Gulp.

I would love to hear about some more female facts that you have discovered. I'll try and cover them in my next blog post too.

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