Friday, 4 November 2011

The Harbour House

When something is for free, you don't question it. You embrace it with open arms and an empty stomach which is what Anuschka (from the The Pitch Pit) and I did last night.
We were invited to the launch of the new restaurant on the Waterfront, The Harbour House. You may have heard the name, they also have a restaurant in Kalk Bay and both are stunning in decor.

I just love the wood beams and the white palette. It was simple yet elegant and I'm determined to hold my birthday there next year.

As this was a cocktail party, there was of course a cocktail to start with. A delightful concoction of sugar, cherry, JC Le Roux Brut and a tot of brandy. A spicy mix.

Then there was of course the canapes. I get all giggly and girly when I see them. There is something so cute about mini foods. The choice was immense. King prawns in an avocado and sweet chili dip. Lamb kofta on a bed of cucumber dip. Fresh Oysters (no expense spared). Sushi. Steak, pepper and mushroom kebabs....I could go on.

Let me not forget to mention the wine choice. I may be a bit of a wine snob. I like to throw wine pairing evenings and I do try and write for The Grape Teaser wine blog (I've been slack of late), so I get quite excited when I'm drinking the good stuff. The wine last night was superb! Diemersfontein Pinotage and a very delicious John X Merriman bordeaux blend by Rustenberg had me grinning madly.

Hmmm...on the road to being sloshed.

 The restaurant has an upstairs bar and balcony complete with mini sushi kitchen which just churned out platefuls of the stuff .
The vibe was chilled with everyone enjoying the views, the beverages and the great food. 

  At around 9, they brought out calamari bowls with Queen prawns (to die for) and then eventually the pudding....and you know my obsession with puddings.

I believe at this point I may have been a tiny bit tiddly and so I had about 12 of the truffles. The waiters were very nice about it and kept topping up my champagne glass with Graham Beck Brut.

Truffle balls on a bed of butterscotch sauce

It was indeed, one of the best Cocktail parties I have ever been to in terms of food and ambiance. It wasn't trying to be pretentious but just displaying it's culinary wares to an adoring crowd. This restaurant is a must for discerning taste buds.

All the pictures were taken and edited by the wonderful Anuschka. Isn't she amazing.

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  1. Amazing! Great pics! I have always driven past the resto in Kalk Bay and longed to eat there!