Friday, 11 November 2011

It's the weekend!


Thank goodness it's that time again. What are every bodies plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to achieve all/some of the following...

1) Get my fingers dirty in the garden and check on my veggies. 
2) Keep up my new fitness regime which is killing my thighs. You know that feeling when you come off a particularly hard session on the cross trainer and when you walk, you feel as though you're legs are wobbling all over the place. It makes walking down stairs hilariously painful.
3) I want to paint my nails. I'm envious of all the pretty colours out there and my nails seriously need a coat of industrial paint.
4) Finish watching the Office UK season 6. I know I'm behind but I've been savouring it. I love the series so much. Jim Halpert is *insert swoon-worthy adjective*.
5) Take some seriously artistic photos.
6) Bathe in sunlight and try on my honeymoon bikini (must see if it still fits).
7) Convert Mr H into a Mumford & Sons lover.
8) Work on my Christmas list.

Anything else I should add?

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