Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Movember issues

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My husband looks good, there is no denying that however, it's all very well to grow some facial hair but:

1) Spooning now becomes a form of torture. Imagine having a bunch of needles jabbing you in the shoulder. Ya, that's what it feels like when I get a cuddle.
2) Kissing has become a very delicate affair. I end up trying to push my lips our as far as possible so that Mr H's whiskers don't tickle my nose. I look like a duck.
3) Hang on...are those ginger hairs?
4) I'm going through tubes of lip gloss at an alarming rate as it all disappears into the forest on Mr H's face.
5) I now look as though I have meningitis and applying layers of face cream just gives the illusion of grease and sweat.

Movember really isn't working for me guys.


  1. Lol. I can totally sympathise with you. I hate Movember for those exact same reasons.

  2. No Movember issues in France! lol. Err, nearly done?! Think positive thoughts! :) :)