Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Things I've learnt from Pinterest

I'm beginning to think that Pinterest has started to become more than an addiction, perhaps even a religion. I get such amazing inspiration from it, I send Mr H endless reams of images of pets I'd like, humorous emails (which he never laughs at), holiday destinations and decor ideas. I think it's killing off my brain cells which must mean that I need to use it more so I can keep learning that;

Colin Firth is still so very delicious. A brilliant actor and a sexy man to boot.
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Even though I can't eat apples or lactose, I still like to drool over recipes and this simple
yet yummy looking treat is no exception. I find the best recipes on Pinterest.
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Chocolate really does cure almost anything. I can only eat dark 85% + chocolate
because I can't have milk but I'm still happy with that.
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D.I.Y just keeps getting easier.
I suggested this idea to Mr H. He simply shrugged and said "that's nice'. 
I know when I've been defeated.
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Moustaches have never been more in. I've seen so many parties with moustache props and greeting cards too. Currently, Mr H is trying out for the Movember Olympics and he is doing rather well.
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  1. I don't even try to tell Mr OL about Pintrest. I can just imagine the horror on his face. He is already looking abit skeptical at the candles sticks I bought for R1 at a second hand shop because of this idea I saw on line... If he knew there was a whole site for stuff I might make I would be banned for life.