Tuesday, 15 November 2011

To write, or not to write

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I am forever reminded to watch what I say and to keep a lid on my feelings. Sometimes, I should heed these warnings as it has come to my attention that free speech does not exist however, if I was to do that, I would be going against the very being that I am, I'd be forfeiting the imaginative nature that I've blessed with. True, sometimes I can be a little graphic and I often type before I speak which sometimes I feel bad about however, I can also be honest and tell the truth in a humorous light, something that some find a little too tough to swallow.

I won't stop writing. I won't stop airing my emotions/feelings/thoughts on my blog because that is who I am. A lot of what I say is fictional and so it is up to others to take it how they will but I have those who are positive in their comments and those are who I'm focusing on anyway.

So, viva the writer within me and viva all my readers who have continued to be supportive and awesome. I take my hat off to you and raise a glass of bubbly in your honor.

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